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Tackle projects around your home with these step by step projects from Habitat magazine. There's everything from cleaning your barbecue to creating a pretty posie. New projects will be added as each Habitat magazine is published. To view the PDF downloads of the step by step instructions, available on the project pages below, you will need Acrobat Reader.

View Habitat projects with video instructions.   › View additional Habitat brights ideas projects created in collaboration with Fleur Thorpe here.

Finding balance
Finding balance

This mindful craft project is a way to find peace... more
Feathered friends
Feathered friends

These kākāpō, rainbow lorikeet and ruru birds will be a hoot for the kids... more
Bench impress
Bench impress

Transform wooden pallets into a portable bench... more
Create garden art with Resene FX Rust Effect
Give it a rust

Create garden art that's aged to perfection with Resene FX Faux Rust Effect... more
Kids under the sea crafts
Under the sea

Transforming terracotta pots into sensational sea creatures using Resene paint... more
Crafting - create wallpaper flowers
Be a wallflower

These blossoms made from Resene wallpaper will be blooming... more
Turn your walls into a work of art
Good impressions

Transform your living room into a work of art with Resene Colorwood wood stains... more
Make your own strawberry planter
Strawberry planter

A tiered planter is ideal for small spaces and can be used for strawberries, herbs... more
Pegs 'n' pops
Pegs 'n' pops

Entertain kids - easy arts and crafts projects using pegs and ice block sticks... more
Deep blue see
Deep blue see

Step into the wide blue yonder with a tonal colour palette... more
Let's pretend
Let's pretend

Fire up your kids' imaginations and get creative with Resene paints... more
Game on!
Game on!

Family young and old will be entertained with lawn games... more
Make your own beach cart
Make your own beach cart

Load up this handy trolley for a fun day at the beach... more
Puzzle table
Rollaway puzzle table

This clever table coasts on castors so that you can easily tuck it away... more
Sculptural side table
Sculptural side table

Ombre tones help create a gallery-worthy table... more
Playing up plywood
Playing up plywood

Simple shapes can become fun kid-friendly accessories... more
A motorway for boundless play
A motorway

When you love playing with cars, the world is your motorway... more
Courier box
Courier box

Keep daytime deliveries secure with this simple to build box... more
Make an ottoman
Outdoor ottoman

An old tyre gets reimagined as functional furniture... more
Painted shoe project
Foot fancy

Customise a fresh pair of footwear or fancy up some old favourites... more
Painted stone dominoe project
Let the games begin

Recreate a classic game in an unconventional format... more
Make your own modernist art
Make your own modernist art

Release your inner Matisse with these easy-to-create canvas artworks... more
Outdoor storage
Outdoor storage

A handy and easy to make storage box for all those bits and pieces... more
How to make your own pebble mat
Coloured pebble mat

This mat is painted with an ombre effect, filled with summery yellows... more
How to make your own odd socks board
Odd socks board

If mismatched socks seem to be a thing in your household, here's a clever way... more
How to make your own glow-in-the-dark garden
Glow in the dark pebble garden

Bring a glow to your garden with Resene FX Nightlight... more
How to make your own giant Jenga game
Giant jenga game

It's the game that combines fun with strategic thinking... more
A place for everything
A place for everything

There’s a place for everything when it comes to kids’ bits and pieces... more
Painted wall bedhead
Painted headboard

This half-moon headboard uses Scandi-inspired blues to create a modern, moody bedroom... more
Write on wall planner
Write on wall planner

We’re always here for making our lives easier... more
Make your own flower wall
Make a flower wall

Flower walls are perfect for baby showers, birthdays and hen's parties... more
Make a rope basket
Make a pet rope basket

Handmade baskets hold a certain charm – make your own... more
Make your own art masterpiece
How to create abstract art

The trick to this is being free with your brush strokes... more
Print your own table linen
Print your own table linen

Bring style to your table with these DIY painted linens!.. more
Make a glow in the dark wall
Make a glow in the dark wall

Make a glow in the dark galaxy wall – the kids will love it!.. more
Paint drink coasters
Make drink coasters

Whether it’s summer or winter, throwing a cocktail party is always a good idea... more
Decorate floating shelves
Paint floating shelves

Floating shelves are a clever way to add flair to your wall... more
Hanging plant feature
Make a hanging plant holder

Bring your home to life with a hanging plant holder... more
Make a kids wall flag
Make a kids wall flag

Get arty with the kids by creating this fun wall flag... more
Paint an aged effect on new furniture
Aged paint effect

Give new pieces a vintage distressed paint effect look... more
Paint a rainbow fan
Paint a rainbow fan

Keep the home cool during the heat of summer, with this rainbow fan... more
How to marble a candle stick
How to create a marble paint effect

A marble finish always looks elegant whichever form it takes... more
Build a magazine rack
How to build a magazine rack

Looking for a way to keep your collection of beloved magazines tidy?... more
Make a leaf print
How to create a autumn leaf print

With autumn’s falling leaves, now is the perfect time to get creative... more
Paint a glass vase
Paint a glass vase

Bring the best of the 70s to your vase collection with this retro-inspired colour scheme... more
Paint a chopping board - serving tray
Paint a chopping board

What’s better than a chopping board that’s beautiful enough to use as a serving tray as well?... more
Make an hanging shelf
Make a hanging shelf

A hanging shelf is an elegant alternative to a night stand... more
Build a loft dresser
Build a loft dresser

This loft-style dresser is both stylish and easy to make yourself... more
Build a desk organiser
Build a desk organiser

Keep your desktop clutter free with this clever DIY desk organiser... more
Kids day tent
Make a kids day tent

This concrete plant stand is a stylish addition to any home. And the best part? It’s really easy to make... more
Make a concrete plant stand
Make a concrete planter

This concrete plant stand is a stylish addition to any home. And the best part? It’s really easy to make... more
Make a childs toybox
Make a toy box

This toy box created out of a wooden crate is a clever idea for storing toys and books... more
Print a potato stamped fabric
Print a potato stamped fabric

Turns out it’s not just for the kids. We love this printing idea, creating a geometric pattern using the humble potato... more
Paint a teenager's bookshelf
Paint a teenager's bookshelf

Using just paint and wallpaper, transform boring shelves into something even your teen will love... more
A diamond inspirded floor
Paint diamond flooring

Add personality to your floors with this simple diamond design... more
Paint your old jars
Upcycling jars

If you’ve been holding onto a few hoping for an inspiring project, you’ll love this super easy idea... more
Make leaf artwork
Paint a leaf picture

Leaves are big in art prints right now and are simple enough to create yourself... more
Make a painted placemat
Make herringbone placemats

Herringbone is a look that will never go out of trend... more
Make a moroccan stencil
Moroccan stencil pattern

Bring a piece of Morocco into your home with this easy pattern DIY.... more
Paint a glass vase
Paint a vase

Turn this glass vase from plain to pretty with a lace effect. ... more
Paint a wooden mat
Make a wooden mat

Create a mini city, using wood offcuts and Resene Blackboard Paint... more
Make a blackboard city
Blackboard city

Create a mini city, using wood offcuts and Resene Blackboard Paint... more
For the kids
For the kids

Three fun ideas for the little ones... more
Create a wallpaper look with paint
Wallpaper hack

Check out this easy wallpaper hack. All it takes is a kitchen sponge... more
Make a cat tree
Make this cube style cat tree

Your cat will love this easy-to make contemporary cat tree... more
Make a fold-out bar
Fold-out bar

Make this nifty fold-out bar and cupboard for your outdoor living space... more
Fun times
Fun times

Fun paint ideas for younger ones... more
Create a watercolour wall
Create a watercolour wall

This dreamy watercolour paint effect is surprisingly easy to do... more
Make a side table
Make a side table

Bit on side - make this easy rustic side table... view
How to build a compost bin
Build a compost bin

Turn your scraps and cuttings into plant food with this compost bin... view
Projects for kids
Bright ideas for the kids

Check out these cool ideas for the kids – ship shape, blackboard cities and keeping the chaos away… view
How to build a pergola
How to build a pergola

Build a pergola in your backyard, and then sit back and enjoy it... view
Create a swing seat for your backyard
Build a swing seat

Create a swing seat for your backyard, and then sit back and enjoy it… view
Make a child's height measuring stick
Measure up
Create a personalised measuring stick to track your growth... view
Join the circus
Join the circus
Create your own big top with this fun wall art… view
Build a birdhouse
Build a birdhouse
How to build a birdhouse and support local bird life and gain… view
Rack it up
Rack it up

Turn an old drawer front into a coat rack then paint it in soft desert sunset tones... view
Kids project - a canvas mat
DIY kidz - mat time

Make a cool canvas mat to brighten up your room... view
Make a raised vegetable garden
Raised garden

Join the grow-your-own movement and make this easy-to-use raised vege garden with built-in tomato rack... view
Painted clock
Painted clock

A painted slatted clock with quirky retro appeal is so easy for you or the kids to make... view
Make a pizza oven
Make a pizza oven

They're the latest on-trend addition to our outdoor living spaces - pizza ovens... view
Moroccan magic
Moroccan magic

Stencil a rainbow of delicious Resene colour onto a glass table top for a mystical Moroccan look... view
Wheelie bin locker
Bin locker

A smart and practical way to hide those wheelie bins ... view
Decorated storage cubes
DIY kidz - boxed set

Give a plain set of storage cubes a lift with fun flag designs... view
Build a barbecue bench
Barbecue bench

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage. This one has industrial chic... view
Memory board
Memory board

Take one special image and use it to inspire a memory board for your photos and memorabilia ... view
Make a bird feeder
Diy kidz - one for the birds

Make an easy birdhouse with a couple of containers and a lick of paint... view
Make a cool noticeboard and pen holders
Diy kidz - taking notice

Make a cool noticeboard and pen pots... view
Dip your furniture in paint
Take a dip

This easy idea makes it look like your furniture has been dipped in paint... view
Refurbishing a tired timber deck
Deck rescue

Give a tired deck a new look. Brought to you by the experts at Hirepool... view
Outdoor storage box to make
Boxing clever

This cool multi-purpose trunk is finished in timber stains for a slightly weathered effect... view
Diy kidz- cool plant labels
Diy kidz - cool plant labels

Use Resene paint stirrers, and seed packets and your own artistic skill for these funky vege labels... view
Make a cool robot out of your old cardboard rolls and boxes
Diy kidz - recycle robot

Make a cool robot out of your old cardboard rolls and boxes... view
French wash effect floor
French wash effect floor

Use a French wash effect and a simple pattern to beautify your floor... view
Make a handy noticeboard
Taking notice

Use three clever Resene products to create this handy family noticeboard... view
Cleaning gutters
Gutter buster

Here’s how to deal to your gunky gutters... view
Create a rust effect
Create a rust effect

Jeff demonstrates the ‘incredibly simple’ art of a rust effect ... view
Paint a flag
Diy kidz - colourful bunting

Paint a mini mural and make your own colourful bunting... view
Build a bird house
Caravan-style birdhouse

Make this quirky retro caravan-style birdhouse... view
Diy kids - beaded lampshade
Diy kidz - beaded lampshade

Make the pretty lampshade from our winning room... view
Sowing a new lawn
Sowing a new lawn

Autumn is the perfect time to sow a new lawn... view
French-inspired paint effect desk
French-inspired paint effect desk

Ros de Coek transforms a tired piece of furniture with this French-inspired paint effect ... view
Painted frame
Diy kidz - painted frame

Jazz up a plain picture or mirror frame with painted cut-outs... view
Paint bedside cabinet
Diy kidz - bedside cabinet

Give a plain bedside cabinet a makeover bedside magic using your favourite images... view
Funky painted pots
Diy kidz - funky painted pots

Give old pots a new lease on life with funky colour. Fill them with herbs to add zest to your family’s meals... view
A simple paling fence
A simple paling fence

There's nothing smarter than a simple paling fence, especially when you've built it yourself... view
Create a posie
Create a posie

With the fashion for flower arrangements tending towards more carefree styles, creating a posie... view
Raised vegetable garden
Raised vegetable garden

Join the grow-your-own movement by making this easy-to-use raised vege garden... view
Building a compost bin
Building a compost heap

Build this compost bin... view
Decorate a cardboard house
Decorate a cardboard house

Decorate a cardboard box house in your own unique style... view
Laying paving
Laying paving

How to lay paving... view
Personalised paper
Personalised paper

Make this personalised paper... view
Paint a picture
Paint a picture

Step by step instructions to paint a picture... view
Cutting firewood
Cutting firewood

Put another log on the fire... view
Window decorations
Diy kidz - window decorations

Make your very own window decorations... view
Photo board
Diy kidz - photo board

Create a photo board... view
Cleaning the barbecue
Cleaning the barbecue

How to clean the barbecue... view
Name plates
Diy kidz - name plates

Create this zany name plate for your door... view
Building a dog kennel
Building a dog kennel

How to build a dog kennel... view
Making mosaics
Making mosaics

Decorate a polystyrene ball with coloured tiles... view
Diy kidz - marble run
Diy kidz - marble run

Make a decorative marble run... view
How to tile a bathroom
Tiling a bathroom

How to tile a bathroom... view
Planting a lawn
Planting a lawn

Prepare an area for a new lawn... view
Hanging wallpaper
Hanging wallpaper

How to hang wallpaper... view
Creating a wood-effect paint finish
A wood-effect paint finish

Learn how to create a wood-effect paint finish... view
Virtual painting with Resene EzyPaint
Virtual painting EzyPaint

Get cracking on virtual painting with Resene EzyPaint... view
Recovering a sofa
Re-covering a sofa

Discover how to re-cover a sofa... view
Diy kidz - cars and puppets
Diy kidz - cars and puppets

Learn how to make a car out of a supermarket box... view
Redemption Blue Headboard
Redemption Blue Headboard

Indigo blue and dark teal are both having a moment... view
Hanging rack
Hanging rack

Upcycle an old cooling tray, by giving it a light sanding and brush.. view
Sturdy bookends
Sturdy bookends

These colourful bookends will look beautiful... view
Note perfect
Note perfect

Personalise your study by painting chalkboard paint triangles... view
Magnetic colour
Magnetic colour

Another way to hang your paintings and photographs... view
Kids toy boxes
Kids toy boxes

Breathe new life into nail boxes with the Resene KidzColour range... view
Paper tear effect
Paper tear effect

Zigzags and stripes step aside, there's a cool new paint technique in town... view
Update your old bakeware
Update your old bakeware

Upcycle your old bakeware into planters and plant holders... view
Box it up
Box it up

Turn scrap wood into box frames to store small treasures and indoor plants... view
Winter vases
Winter vases

Brighten up your days with these pretty vases... view
Make a kid's blackboard
Kid's mini blackboard

This mini blackboard is a nice feature for the desk... view
Paint your own notebook
Painted geo notebook

This brightly-patterned cover proves that geometry can be fun... view
Rainbow inspired pen holder
Rainbow inspired pen holder

Keep your stationery organised with this cool pen holder... view
Painted book covers
School book covers

Make a DIY book cover with a watermelon pattern... view
DIY leaf print
Easy DIY pretty leaf print

Enjoy the colours of autumn all year round with a leaf print... view
Blackboard message tray
Blackboard message tray

A fun message board to share messages of the days plans... view
DIY beauty jars
DIY beauty jars

Make pretty jars to store your beauty products... view
Drippy vases
Drippy vases

Upcycle some old vases with an on–trend dripped effect... view
DIY pinnable mood board
DIY pinnable mood board

Stylish and practical, this pinnable mood board is exactly what you need... view
Geometric painted wall hanging
DIY pinnable mood board

Brighten up a dull wall space by making your own wall hanger... view
DIY ombre storage basket
DIY ombre storage basket

Autumn colours have inspired this easy ombre basket... view
Painted breakfast tray
Painted breakfast tray

Give someone breakfast in bed, served on this painted tray... view
Painted old mirror
Painted old mirror

Upcycle vintage mirror to reflect your colour personality... view
Pretty pink bookends
Home sweet home bookshelves

Keep your books in order and add colour to your home... view
Painted coasters
Cane mat artworks

Add a touch of colour to your walls by painting cane mats... view
Paper flag bunting
Make paper flag bunting

Make painted paper flag bunting... view
Painted jewellery bowl
Pretty jewellery bowl

Old wooden bowls are perfect for storing your jewellery... view
Painted spice jars
Stylish spice jars

Spice up your kitchen bench with these stylish labelled jars... view
Christmas snowflakes
Christmas snowflakes

Create snowflakes by arranging craft sticks painted with testpots... view
Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas wrapping paper

How to paint and personalise your Christmas wrapping paper... view
Lace clay pots
Decorative lace clay pots

They make the prettiest planters, perfect to use indoor or outdoor use... view
Twig bowl
Twig bowl

A stylish nod to nature and the perfect place to keep knick knacks... view
Paint easter bunny jars for your easter treats
Easter jars

Paint decorative jars for your children to keep their Easter goodies!... more
Paint fluro panels on your geometric vase
Geo fluoro pots

Take the geo look to the next level with this paint effect... more
Make a wooden multi coloured key holder
Colourful key holder

Get organised with this DIY key holder, designed to look stylish... more
Make your earring stand display
Statement earring stand

Create your own DIY earring stand so you can enjoy them... more
Paint your vases in a stylish retro theme
Striped vases

Bring the best of the 70s to your vase collection with this colour scheme... more
Raindrop painted vase
Raindrop vase

Update a vase with gorgeous raindrop pattern... more
Paint letters to make a sign for your home
Make a statement

Add a fun statement to your home or use this project to paint... more
Paint a geometric canvas artwork
Art deco artwork

Add colour to your walls with your own painted artwork... more
Paint bowls with a mandela pattern
Mandala–dot bowls

Give old bowls a lift of colour with this mandala-dot style effect... more
Paint your toolbox with a triangle pattern
Freshen up your toolbox with paint

Trick up your toolbox with this cool DIY... more
Paint your wooden bowls in a paint dipped effect
Colour dipped bowls

Add spice to your kitchen/dining room decor... more
Star wall hanging
Star wall hanging

Encourage your kids to get creative with this easy star wall hanging idea... more
Paint your own hex shaped noticeboard
Hex noticeboard

Turn a piece of cork into a handy and colourful noticeboard... more
Upcycle glass bottles to painted vases
Glass bottle vases

Upcycle old bottles into quirky vases and give them a new lease of life... more
Upcycle crumpled cans into arty vases
Crumpled vases

Use your recycling and turn old cans into handy and colourful vases... more
Make iceblock stick arrows for your kids room
Colourful arrow art

Grab some popsicle sticks and make this trendy arrow art... more
Print a potato stamped canvas artwork
Mother-of-pearl artwork

it’s hard to believe artwork was created using potato printing... more
Paint stripes on a glass vase
Paint your own square vase

Add colour to a tall square vase so it looks colourful... more
Paint stripes for a artwork canvas
Paint your own artwork

Why not create your own statement piece using colours... more
Make cans into handy herb holders
Colourful display for your herbs

Reuse empty cans as handy herb holders. Paint them in your favourite colours... more
Makeover your fruit bowl
Makeover your fruit bowl

Is your fruit bowl looking a bit drab? Do you love that timber look... more
Paint two tone candlesticks
Duo-colour candlesticks

Painted in dusky pink and grey white and filled with gold candles... more
Create pretty frames for your mantlepiece
Colourful frames

If you've been meaning to frame a beautiful print or photograph, why not do it with something that pops... more
Make painted coasters and placemats
Geometric coasters and placemats

Geometric colour blocking is an easy technique... more
Decorate a terracotta pot
Perk up your terracotta planters

Even if you're not a DIY connoisseur, these planter projects will take no time at all... more
Paint wooden salad servers
Jazz up your salad servers

Rejuvenate old wooden salad servers with fresh colours... more
Paint a striped tray
Painted striped tray

Wooden serving trays can look a little old over time... more
Paint a glass jar and transform into a vase
Beautify an old glass jar

Paint up a jar or two and use it to brighten up your home... more
Update a clipboard with wallpaper for a makeover
Clipboards makeover

Give yours an update with stylish wallpaper... more
Update your bookcovers with a new look with wallpaper
How to jazz up your books

Take the hum drum out of office work & style up your books with wallpaper... more
Wallper tins for storage of pens on your desk
Pretty pen pots

Here’s a quick way to turn them into something pretty – pen pots... more
Upcycle a tray to make a colourful frame for your keepsakes
Keepsake photo tray

Paint an old tray to use as an unusual photo or art frame... more
Upcycle a tray to make a summer inspired drinks tray
Summer drinks tray

Summer is for entertaining and it's nice to serve your guests... more
Fleur Thorpe projects
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Habitat bright ideas projects created in collaboration with Fleur Thorpe... more

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