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Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space. For more ideas, see the decorating inspiration gallery, habitat magazine or view how-to project ideas.

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You had me at hello
You had me at hello

With a warm and welcoming paint palette, you’ll be setting an inviting tone right from the front door... more
Let purple reign
Let purple reign

Violet-based hues range from neutral to bold, and bring a unique personality into any space... more
Gallery gorgeous
Gallery gorgeous

For artworks to look their best, they need to be complemented by the right colours... more
Master planning
Master planning

More and more, ensuite bathrooms are becoming an embedded part of master bedroom design... more
Using a statement piece of furniture
Style statement

Opting for a statement piece of furniture in a splashy colour can bring a lot of character to your living space... more
A Mediterranean style patio
A patio for the gods

Decorate your outdoor living space in a way that reflects the energy of a favourite holiday destination... more
Home interiors grounded in nature
Grounded in nature

A strong trend has developed for decorators to turn their homes into relaxing retreats... more
Using a variety of neutral shades in your interior
Say bye bye to bland

The key to creating interest and richness in any space is to incorporate plenty of variety... more
A Hampton's style living room
Hamptons living

Light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across as effortless and calming... more
A home music studio
Strike a chord

Bringing a touch of energetic colour and musical motifs to a part of a shared room... more
Maximalism with wallpaper and bold colours in your bedroom
More is more

It’s by no means a new concept; wealthy people have used maximalism to showcase their riches for centuries... more
A handpainted wall swirly mural for your dining room
Different strokes

Fluid designs and vibrant colours are perfect for lending fresh character and beauty to walls... more
Layers of multiple whites and textures in your lounge
White magic

The modern way of decorating with white is to layer multiple whites and finishes and textures... more
Mix patterns and paints in one colour to create a unified look
Pattern play

If you’re a beginner at pattern mixing, a great place to start is with cushions and pillowcases... more
Checkerboard inspired patterns for your home
Check please

This feel-good print that is fun, stems from the newfound obsession that brought us cottagecore... more
Pale blue bedroom with dramatic contrasting dark arch doorway
Trusty dusty blues

These more saturated hues also offset the lighter ones, creating the effect that the bedroom itself is ‘glowing’... more
Art Deco or Moroccan - inspired arch shaped doorway fpr your lounge
Flip the script

Art Deco or Moroccan-inspired arch shaped doorways can allow greater light and flow from one space to another... more
Renaissance styled bedroom in reds, gold and blues
The royal treatment

This was a time when royal blue, rich red and gold were among hues used to demonstrate wealth... more
Bespoke luxury chocolate bedroom with handpainted details
Stroke of genius

Decorating with one-of-a-kind items with hand-painted details really is the ultimate in luxury... more
A art gallery inspired look for your home
Artistic expression

A look that emulates a well-curated art gallery has long been associated with luxury... more
A mediterranean courtyard with bistro table
That's amore

Create a courtyard with Mediterranean touches, with textured walls, painted limestone patio and bistro table... more
Lush greens are a fitting match for zesty citrus tones in your lounge
Freshly squeezed living

These lush greens are a fitting match for zesty citrus tones like bitter orange or lemon-lime... more
Use soft blacks and saturated dark hues in your chic lounge
Chic and cocooning
The rise in popularity of soft blacks and saturated dark hues - these richer darker hues can feel luxurious... more
Hamptons inspired lounge in neutrals or coastal blues
Bring the Hamptons home
The casual luxury of a Hamptons-inspired interior is hard to resist, and its quintessential low-key elegance... more
Use accent colours to change the look of your lounge
Live out loud

To better demonstrate the impact that even small paint projects and accessories can make... more
Dining room feature walls grey with burgandy blue and red
Dial up the drama

The way we typically design homes has evolved since separate dining rooms were a standard inclusion... more
Bedroom greys with orange and yellow or dark green accents
Casual comfort

Your bedroom is where you spend a third of the hours in your day, choose a light or dark palette... more
Circular swirly mural in greens and grey tones for your lounge
Swirling statement

As people have been forced to spend more time at home, it’s natural for us to seek out colours that are soothing... more
Bedroom with an arch theme
Curve appeal

If you follow design trends in interiors, chances are you've seen arches popping up everywhere... more
Scandinavian-styled bedroom
Scandi style evolves

Say ‘Scandinavian-style’ and many people visualise light, clean-lined spaces starkly adorned... more
Tropical green bedroom theme with hand painted palm tree headboard
Tropical with a twist

After relaxing in the tropics, one can expect to be calmer, more relaxed and rejuvenated... more
Mood board and room
Minimalism goes bold

More and more decorators are using the idea of making a big impact with less things... more
Italian inspired terracotta lounge and bedroom
Imitating Italy

While it’s often popular for the peaceful feeling it imparts to a space, this styles greatest appeal is its simplicity... more
Cottagecore inspired dining room
Home is where the hearth is

Cottagecore is among the newest of the lifestyle interior design trends to emerge over the past year... more
A forest green bedroom
A place amongst the pines

Rich forest greens have strong ties to nature - the perfect base for the walls of a chill space... more
Classic meets quirky in blue hues
Classic meets quirky

Timeless and classic, blue has long been one of the most popular colours throughout history... more
Using dyanamic patterns in a space
Walls that move you

Adding a dynamic pattern to a space can be a great way to bring movement and interest to it... more
A gender neutral bedroom - finessing
Stratified slumber

It can take some finessing to find colours and décor that makes each person happy and at ease... more
At home with French country
At home with French country

Create a state of nature in your home and bring the outside in with this classic French country design... more
Dine in style… outdoors
Dine in style… outdoors

Step outside and create a space worth celebrating in your garden... more
Cumin comforts
Cumin comforts

Strong elements from the roaring 20s through to the soulful 70s have been reborn again... more
Feature frames
Feature frames

It’s never been easier to transform your simple wall into a grand battened space or resurrect a forgotten corner... more

Gallery pg.  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Filter:  kids | blues | greens | yellows | neutrals | oranges/browns | pinks/reds | greys/blacks | violets | pops-of-colour/multi-colour

Mediterranean Summer Table
Mediterranean Summer Table

Create a fresh coastal look; NZ Woman's Weekly... more

Sunset shades - Paint the sky
Paint the sky

Introducing sunset shades into your wardrobe, makeup, walls; FQ... more

Add a pop of colour
Rock the pop

We dare you to deviate from the cookie cutter world and inject a dose of eccentric personality with a pop of colour; Haven... more

Nature's palette
Nature's palette

Mother Earth's harmonious shades; Fashion Quarterly... more

Choose life in colour
Choose life in colour

Resene's latest fandeck - seriously cheerful; Style... more

Spring spruce
Spring spruce

When creating your dream interior palette don't forget about the tone of your floors; Remix... more

Transitional spaces
The spaces in - between

The transitional spaces are the key connectors; from Remix... more

All lined up
All lined up

Geometric shapes can make a bold statement; from Mindfood... more

Make it magenta
Make it magenta

The humble rose palette; from Fashion Quarterly...more

Cocktails inspired br Resene Paint colours
Set the tone

Cocktails inspired by Resene paint colours; from Toast... more

Using curvy or wavy shapes
On a roll

Make your home more relaxing; from Style... more

Fantasy islands colour inspo
Fantasy islands

No air travel necessary; from Fashion Quarterly... more

A layered monochromatic look sets a singular mood
Tone up

Go all-in on your favourite colour with a layered monochromatic scheme that sets a singular mood; from Haven... more

Colour Play - spring looks
Colour play

Spring heralds new beginnings; from Fashion Quarterly... more
Shades of the season - winter
Shades of the season

An on-trend colour palette; from Fashion Quarterly... more
How to choose the perfect white paint
The perfect white paint

How to choose the right white shade; from Denizen... more
Carving a path - Hannah Jensen
Carving a path

Hannah Jensen... an NZ artist to watch; from Denizen... more
Create magical settings with deep moody colours
Evening light

Create magical settings with deep moody Resene paint colours and dimly lit spaces; from Remix... more
Modern meditteranean
Modern mediterranean

Bring a touch of the Med home, with textured walls and living spaces that seamlessly link the indoor to the out; from Remix... more
Creating space - curated spaces
Creating space

Indulge in curated spaces that are edited just for you, filled with objects you love, from Remix.. more
Colour play - runway inspiration
Colour play

The runway has all the inspiration you need this season, from Fashion Quarterly... more
Resene berry colours
Berry nice

Add a mood-enhancing splash of colour to any space; from Mindfood... more
Resene Shed of the Year
Resene Shed of the Year

Shed of the Year runner-ups use prize to splash colour on their New Plymouth garden projects, from NZ Gardener... more
Heat your foodie spaces
Heat your foodie spaces

How to bring some fire into your kitchen, from Cityscape... more
Bibby + Brady, Napier interior design firm
Right at home

Napier interior design firm Bibby + Brady, from Style... more
Tried and true colours chemes
Colour Play

Tried and true schemes can teach us a thing or two; from NZ H&G... more
The colours of winter - pick a path
Pick a path

The colours of winter; from Mindfood Décor... more
The colours of winter - green light
Green light

The colours of winter; from Mindfood Décor... more
Feeling fresh
Feeling fresh

Tones inspired by nature's most invigorating season, from FQ... more
Karen Walker Chalk Paints
Back to the chalkboard

Designer Karen Walker has dipped into her past to create her latest collection for Resene; from Denizen... more
The ritual of dining
Ritual of dining

Celebrating the beauty of connection created through the ritual of dining, from Remix magazine... more

The shade has become one of the most defining colours of the decade; Mindfood Décor... more

Dark and dramatic colours have captured the imaginations of courageous colour lovers; Mindfood Décor... more

Grey is such a universal colour that you can easily dress it up to suit any season or style; Mindfood Décor... more

For an elemental, nature-inspired colour with a truly contemporary feel; Mindfood Décor... more
Captivating coral
Captivating coral

Officially the colour of the year, according to Pantone, coral couldn't be more apt for summer, from Simply You Living... more
Weather report
Weather report

Rust is in this season. Add a touch of aged charm to your outdoor space with Resene's exciting new release, from Simply You Living... more
Botanical garden
Botanical garden

Greens and blues fill-up the tropical sphere; from Hotel... more
For the love of timber
For the love of timber

Timber brings a relaxed feel to any home; from Mindfood Décor... more
Shades of the season
Shades of the season

Splash uplifting summer colours around; Mindfood Décor... more
Moody monochrome colour scheme
Moody monochrome

Moody monochrome is a classic, from Mindfood Décor... more
The colours of Christmas
Colours of Christmas

Wreaths, lights, ornaments … there's nothing like styling your home for the holidays; from Mindfood Décor... more
HIt the right tone
Hit the right tone

The modern interior is moving on from stark white or deep, moody colours. Instead, it's time we embraced the middleground; from Denizen... more
A calming interior
Everyday luxury

A calming interior, elegant aesthetic; from Remix... more
Summer sensation
Summer sensation

Sunshine, sand, and iridescent surf; from Hotel magazine... more
Mix and match
Mix & match

Colour combinations inspired by the coast; from Fashion Quarterly... more
Dream in green
Dream in green

Shades of green are the hottest trend; from Mindfood Décor... more
Moroccan mood
Moroccan mood

Transform your interior with a touch of Morocco; from Hotel... more
Paint it black
Paint it black

In this contemporary take on the traditional farmhouse, a dark, Resene-rendered palette paints country living in a new light; from Denizen... more
Green scene
Green scene

Fashion's love of greenery endures, so bring nature inside the home with lush and relaxing forest hues; from Simply You... more
Colour is king
Colour is king

Embracing shades of green, blue and blush; from Mindfood Décor... more
Still life
Still life

Winter colour palette cues from centuries past; Simply You... more
Interior colour schemes - trends
Q&A Colour Confidence

Rebecca Long gives the skinny on the trends; Cityscape... more
Tickled pink from Hotel magazine
Tickled pink

Pink is no longer a gendered colour; from hotel magazine... more
Deep in the forest from Mindfood Décor
Deep in the forest

Inspiration from nature, layer up greens; from Mindfood Décor... more
New beginnings
New beginnings

Ensure your home is as fresh as your wardrobe, Fashion Quarterly... more
Seasonal colour palette
Through falling leaves

Be inspired by Mother Nature's seasonal palette as summer leaves turn gold and amber; from Simply You magazine... more
Dark matter
Dark matter

Transform your home into a moody paradise; Fashion Quarterly... more
Shades of grain
Shades of grain

Wood is one of the oldest, most enduring materials; Hotel... more
Hues to inspire your work
Get to work

Hues to inspire your work; from Mindfood Décor... more
Autumn tones
Autumn tones

Warmth and depth with wood stains, bold colour; from Remix... more
You are here - admire the epic beauty that surrounds us
You are here

Admire the epic beauty that surrounds us; from FQ... more
Crisp in colour
Crisp in colour

Balance and harmony with green, using florals; from Remix... more
Cross credit - yellow looks
Cross credit

This happy-go-lucky look had us at yellow; from FQ... more
Orange and green
Orange & green

Unexpected contemporary looks; from NZ House & Garden... more
Coastal colour palette
Coast to coast

Let a coastal palette wash over your home with these ideas; from Simply You Living... view

More colour, wallpaper and design trends

See the latest trends in paint colours and colour schemes; wallpaper and co-ordinating paint colours; curtains, cushions and co-ordinating paint colours as well as fashion forecasts from the runways for latest seasonal styles and colours.


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