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How to create a colourful display for your herbs

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Reuse empty cans as handy herb holders. Paint them with your favourite colours to add a fun touch to your kitchen.

Make a herb planter out of tins
A colourful display for your herbs

You will need


  1. Start by lightly sanding the tins, giving them grit for the paint to stick to. Or use Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer instead of sanding.
  2. Nail two holes into the bottom of each tin. For a longer lasting option, seal the tins inside and out after you have drilled the holes to protect the cans from moisture and rust.
  3. If you wish use white paint as primer (we used Resene Alabaster) on the tins, and then mask off for the first colour. Or use an undercoat if you prefer.
  4. Paint the bottoms of the tins and leave to dry. Repeat with the tops in different colours.
  5. Paint small pieces of wood with Resene FX Blackboard Paint and use as labels or paint a band of Resene FX Blackboard Paint directly onto each can.

Fill with soil and herbs and enjoy your bright new display!

Supplies you will need

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3-4

Step 5

Top tip:  Try an ombre effect using three Resene testpot colours, starting with the darkest colour at the bottom and working to the lightest colour at the top.

Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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