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Welcome to the Resene Group

Your coatings, paints, stains, clears and colour experts

Since its inception in 1946, the Resene Group has forged an enviable reputation of excellence and quality in manufacturing products designed to meet the demanding standards of its customers. Today, that reputation is the cornerstone of the company’s continued success.

From its introduction of waterborne paint to a market starved of quality products in the 1950s, the Resene Group has developed a range of paint and specialist coating products for residential and commercial buildings, marine, heavy industrial and automotive use.

From cladding to ceilings, marine to machinery, automotive to architectural, industrial to interior, engineered to exterior, the Resene Group has a coatings solution to suit your project. Resene Group companies can collaborate and provide a complete solution for your project, bringing in expertise from other Resene Group companies so you can save time bringing together systems and specifications and be more confident that the specifications seamlessly cover the project requirements from top to bottom, inside and out.

Enjoy the Resene Group difference on your projects with the knowledge you’ll receive quality finishes, quality knowledge and quality support. 


Resene is a leader in providing professional advice, high quality products and superb colours – the three vital ingredients in any successful coating project. Architects, specifiers, contractors and homeowners recognise this and endorse the product range by their ongoing commitment to the Resene brand.

Resene - the paint the professionals use

Projects using Resene products

Passion for colour

When it comes to colour, paint is about fashion, flexibility and function. The Resene Total Colour System offers this through a wide range of colour services, from colour tools through to special colour matches and complete colour scheme development by specialised staff. Resene’s interlinked full range of decorative, architectural and protective coatings allows for the same spectrum of colours to be achieved in a wide variety of products.

Driven by innovation

Since its inception in 1946 and the introduction of waterborne paint to a market starved of quality products in the 1950s, Resene has developed an extensive range of paints, coatings and finishes. Working hard to stay ahead of market trends, Resene has an international reputation as a leader in paint research and technology. Many products have been developed as a creative answer to a client’s problem and have set new standards for others.

Resene has been privately NZ owned and operated since it first started in a Wellington garage in 1946. Learn more about Resene and take a short site tour.  We have opportunities available to sell our products in other regions, register your interest here.

Working for a better tomorrow

Resene is well known for leading the development of environmentally sustainable surface coatings, from the underpinning innovation of waterborne paints to the introduction of non VOC tinters and low and non VOC paints. In 1996, Resene launched the first of a now extensive range of Environmental Choice products. Resene's commitment to this programme and our continuous development process will ensure that safer, professional quality paint is available to everyone.

Dedicated stores

The Resene ColorShop is where customers meet Resene. Resene ColorShops are staffed by trained retailers who excel in understanding not only the specifications of Resene’s wide product range, but also Resene product innovations and technology advances. But perhaps the Resene ColorShops’ most sought-after role is that they can offer colour and paint advice to all who walk through their door looking for inspiration and assistance. This network is backed up by an expert field sales team who can take that knowledge to site.


Areas serviced:

  • Active Technology
  • Architectural
  • Clears
  • Curtains
  • Decorative
  • Effects
  • Engineered/Industrial
  • Textures
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood Stains

Australia:  Phone:1800 738 383  Web:  New Zealand:  Phone: 0800 RESENE (737 363)  Web: 

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial began as Anglo Santano in 1980, when a small group of entrepreneurs spotted a gap in the market for automotive and industrial paints. The company enjoyed rapid growth, propelled by quality products and high market demand, becoming part of the Resene Group in 1995.

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial

Projects using Resene Automotive & Light Industrial products

Made for movement

Today, Resene Automotive & Light Industrial are leading paint suppliers for a variety of commercial industries, with a range of coatings to meet every demand, with a special focus on ‘things that move’, such as cars, trucks, buses, planes, boats, diggers and machinery, and specialist waterborne light industrial products for machinery and furniture. Resene Automotive also supply all collateral products, including fillers and bog, solvents and sandpaper to primers/topcoats and spray painting equipment.

Best of international and local

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial pride themselves on bringing together a range of products that includes locally made coatings and global brands Cromax and Standox Refinish, and Imron Fleetline. The Fleetcare network of commercial vehicle repair and respray professionals provides a nationwide repair network for commercial vehicle fleet operators, ensuring consistency in fleet colours.

Made for harsh conditions

The coating solutions are formulated with harsh environmental conditions in mind. With the local market prone to increased UV exposure, changeable weather, wind and salt spray exposure, coatings need to perform in all conditions. Surface, industry and conditions all create unique demands on the products. Combining the knowledge of in-house chemists and professional spray painters in the development phase for new and improved products ensures that your needs are met.

Local support

The quality of the products is backed up by an extensive service network throughout New Zealand, with a specialist technical team to assist clients to specify and apply Resene products. The team also understand that time is money, and will train customer teams in their work environment with the equipment they are accustomed to minimising downtime and maximising productivity.


Areas serviced:

  • Automotive
  • Cabinetry/Joinery
  • Light Industrial
  • Marine

Phone: 0800 108 008  Web:  

Resene Coating Technologies Group

Coating Technologies Group was created to provide a hub of technical expertise to develop new emerging technologies into commercially available products for local and international use. Unfettered by the day to day of business as usual, the Coating Technologies Group has a mandate to explore new technology options.

Resene Coating Technologies Group

Projects using Resene Coating Technlogies products


Drawing on the vast technical knowledge of the Resene Group, the Coating Technologies Group has access to a huge range of experts, from paints, stains and coatings experts to colour technology experts, gathered together from around the globe in Resene’s R&D facility. Combining this knowledge with selected external collaboration teams and the generosity of customer insights, enables breakthroughs in technology adaption and adoption.

Tailor made solutions

While Coating Technologies Group generates its own new product developments, it also works with other product manufacturers and companies to develop solutions to their coatings needs. From innovative primers to clear finishes, paints to coatings, the customer’s problem drives the development of custom made paints and coatings, that can be evolved as the customer’s business evolves.

Smart technology

There is a world of technology out there just waiting for a creative mind to unleash its potential. One such technology is conductive coatings, a new active class of coatings where the coating can sense and react to stimulus. The first iteration of this technology is Resene SmartTouch conductive coating used as a basecoat under regular Resene topcoats that can be tapped to turn lights on and off reducing the need to fumble in the dark for a light switch.

Colour plus

Resene Total Colour System tinting technology is developed and manufactured in house, using formulations exclusive to Resene. An almost infinite array of colours can be tinted using combinations of these colourants. Their high concentration means less tinter is needed to achieve most colours providing more durable colour options that remain true to colour long after they are applied. These colourants are sought after internationally with Resene’s colour technology licensed off-shore.


Areas serviced:

  • Active Technology
  • Colourants
  • Custom Made OEM Solutions
  • Technology Licensing
  • Toll Manufacture


Resene Construction

Resene Construction Systems incorporates the ROCKCOTE and Plaster Systems businesses, specialising in the local design, manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of premium plaster façade, lightweight concrete systems and coatings for New Zealand and the Pacific region

Projects using Resene Construction products

Designed & made in New Zealand

With over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and supplying, Resene Construction has a reputation for quality products, service and support. Systems are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions and tested to withstand our unique climate. Each product and system has specific applications from exterior façade coatings and textures all the way through to seismic re-strengthening plasters.

Performance inside or out

High performance paint and colour systems include the exclusive ROCKCOTE specialist interior finishes, and premium plaster façade systems, such as INTEGRA aac lightweight concrete and GRAPHEX thermal envelope façade systems with innovative dryzone cavity technology, through to beautiful Artisan interior finishes by ROCKCOTE.

The specialist dry powder manufacturing facility in Auckland produces an extensive range of mineral plaster products for both residential and commercial applications for delivery around New Zealand.

Licensed applicators

From design, through to the selection of products, and the contributions of various tradespeople, the construction process is multifaceted, exciting, and somewhat daunting. Regardless of the nature and size of your project, there are many pieces to the puzzle and it is imperative they slot together perfectly. With this in mind, Resene Construction works with a team of skilled applicators that are licensed and registered Licensed Building Practitioners to ensure your product is applied correctly.

Resene Construction Systems Performance Guarantee

Complementing the calibre of the contractor network is an exclusive OnSite Quality Assurance programme that helps ensure your Resene Construction Systems plaster facade meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code


Areas serviced:

  • Architectural
  • Artisan Interior
  • Cladding
  • Decorative
  • Plasters
  • Textures

Phone: 0800 50 70 40  Web: 

Altex Coatings

Since 1954 Altex has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high performance industrial and marine protective coatings in Australasia, supplying a wide range of coating types and systems for almost every major industry sector. Dedicated to providing professional, knowledgeable service and enduring customer relationships, Altex Coatings provides world class products backed by world class technology.

Altex Coatings / Carboline

Alex / Carboline products

Performance plus

Spanning coating categories from corrosion protection to fireproofing, flooring to marine, Altex Coatings does not shy away from tackling difficult coatings situations. Bringing together the expertise of global brand Carboline along with the locally developed Altex Yacht & Boat Paint brand, project owners can enjoy the confidence that they are choosing a coating that is formulated to last.

Customer first

Altex Coatings works closely with owners, engineers, construction companies, contractors, steel fabricators and applicators, serving every major industry sector with superior corrosion and asset protection, plus maintenance solutions and programme that meet customers’ needs and expectations. With over 60 years of experience, customers can draw on a huge knowledge bank of coatings advice.

Comprehensive support

When you’re coating a significant commercial and industrial project, coating performance and fit for purpose is critical. The Altex Coatings technical and sales team provides expert knowledge and professional service at every stage of the process, from customised specifications through to applicator quality assurance, applicator training seminars, corrosion audits and strong support networks.

In good hands

With an emphasis on regulations, health and safety and environmental concerns, backed by extensive technical support and R & D divisions, you can trust your business is in good hands with Altex Coatings.


Areas serviced:

  • Fire Protection
  • Flooring/Trafficable Coatings
  • Industrial/Commercial Marine
  • Pleasure Marine

Australia:  Phone: 1800 738 383  Web:  New Zealand:  Phone: 0800 258 390  Web:

Resene partners with Nuevo Technology

New Zealand paint manufacturer, Resene, has taken an equity position in the Houston-based technology company, Noel Group Inc. – a group whose New Zealand connections extend back many years. Central to this move is the establishment of a joint venture with Nuevo Technology Ltd, a clean tech R&D engineering company located at Callaghan Innovation’s Wellington campus and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Noel Group Inc... more

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