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Keep your colour scheme for years

Ever had difficulty remembering what colours you used on your last project? You're not the only one. Clients find it difficult to remember what colours and paints they have used too.

If you are like most people, you think you and your clients will remember those distinctive colour names forever... the only problem is, most people don't remember them and are disappointed when they purchase more paint only to find it is a completely different colour.

There are two different forms that you can use, depending on the final result you wish to achieve. We recommend the Standard Colour form for clients as it includes a listing of products and colours used.

To help clients remember:
To make it easier for clients to remember their colour scheme and paint system we recommend you complete a Resene Interior or Exterior Colour Scheme Form for them when you finish the project. Print out two copies - one for your files and one for the customer.

Grab yourself some Painter Thankyou pages from Resene, add the colour scheme form you have just completed and your business card and leave it for the client.

The Painter Thankyou cards are available free of charge from your Resene representative. The exterior and interior colour schemes forms are also available in hard copy pads of 50 free of charge. Again, contact your local Resene representative if you would like copies.

Recommended for clients
Standard colour scheme forms
Exterior Interior
Click on an icon above to select the form to be printed.

Download PDF forms

Download .doc forms

Download the forms to your computer and type in the appropriate project details. Save the completed scheme forms and print out a hard copy.

To help you remember:
For your own records, particularly on larger projects, you may prefer to use the Colour Scheme Record form as this will give you a quick visual reference to the colour schemes that you have used on past projects.

Give your foreperson blank copies of the template and ask them to fill in the names of the colours at the end of each job. They can hand this handwritten list to the office person who inputs the RGB values and now has a 'quick to find' record of the colours used on each job. When touch-ups or alterations on the site are needed 2-3 (or 5) years later it is a good foot back in the door for you if the client knows all their colours are stored on file. Your office person can print off a colour copy and give it to the foreperson to help ensure that the correct colours are used. A copy can also be easily emailed to the maintenance person if requested.

Click here for full instructions on completing the Colour Scheme Record for your records.

Recommended for your own records
Colour scheme record
Click on the icon above to select the form to be printed.

Download PDF form

Download .doc form

Download the form to your computer and type in the appropriate project details. Save the completed scheme record forms and print out a hard copy.


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.