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Welcome — Wallpaper has returned to our homes in a blaze of ultra-stylish designs, eye-catching textures, dimensional treatments, new materials and digital printing techniques.

Habitat plus - Wallpaper
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Wallpaper delivers the opportunity to create interiors that hum with vibrancy and personality. It's a look that marries with the move towards more layered interiors with clusters of collectables. Wallpaper has become a conversation piece.

For those who remember wallpapers from their childhood, those sometimes dull and overpowering styles have been replaced with wallpapers that are rich, colourful and interesting.

We started small, using wallpapers to create a feature wall. Now, we're using wallpapers in whole rooms and houses, but also in unexpected ways – as art, on pegboards, shelving and more.

In this habitat plus, we share advice on how to choose wallpaper, the types available and how to hang it. We also look at the key current trends: botanic prints, florals, metallic finishes, graphic prints, oversized designs and murals, the classics, fun looks and personalised art prints.

Happy wallpapering!

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How to choose the perfect wallpaper

Ways with wallpaper

How to choose the perfect wallpaper

Today's selection of wallpapers is more diverse and creative than ever. You can choose from eye-popping patterns, hand-drawn illustrations, blooming botanicals and multi-coloured designs to bold geometrics, faux effects, classic styles, murals and contemporary luxury... more

Check out today's hot wallpaper trends,
including botanical designs, textured papers, oversized prints, luxe looks, fun themes and more...

Botanicals wallpaper


From delicate ferns to vibrant tropical palms – leaves, vines and branches are growing up our walls. Illustrative designs that look like they have been lifted from the pages of a plant encyclopaedia, lush sprays of palm fronds, banana plants, woodland scenes and lines of ivy appear to weave through walls... more

Wildlife wallpaper


It's time to paws for thought and hear the call of the wild with a little animal print. Going a step further than the prints seen on the fashion catwalk, these wallpaper designs are roaring with style... more

Blooms wallpaper


In the garden, flowers attract birds, bees and butterflies with the promise of pollen and nectar. In our homes, these beautiful buds create a welcoming space that attracts joy... more

Shapes wallpaper


Geometric shapes, stripes in all forms, retro patterns and 3D effects – graphic effects of all types can be found in the Resene Wallpaper Collection... more

Design wallpaper


With every great architectural movement, there's a wallpaper style to match. Jazz up your home with some Art Deco-style geometric, fan or diamond patterns and capture the vigour of the roaring 20s... more

Luxe wallpaper


Tactile, glossy, richly coloured wallpapers will give your interiors extra depth and a certain wow factor that's difficult to achieve any other way... more

Faux wallpaper


Through advances in digital technology, papers are replicating stone, timber, brick, tiles and more with a life-like sharpness. If your building's materials can't deliver, never fear... more

Classics wallpaper


Damasks, quatrefoil, pinstripes, regal-looking designs in both timeless colours like red, blue and grey and fashion colours like teal and pink – the face of traditional wallpaper designs is changing with the times... more

Global wallpaper


Travel around the world without leaving your living room with wallpapers that encapsulate the feeling of international destinations and traditional styles... more

Nostalgia wallpaper


Add a little old world charm to your home with whimsical designs that hark back to simpler times. Choose from patterns reminiscent of 19th century newspapers, tapestry-style designs to vintage flower patterns... more

Oversize wallpaper


It's the ultimate feature wall. A wallpaper with an oversized print or a full-on mural will certainly make an impact in your home... more

Landscapes wallpaper


Bring the outdoors in with prints of sweeping vistas and lush landscapes... more

Texture wallpaper


The most popular category of wallpaper style is texture. It's the wallpaper equivalent of the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection. Texture adds character to a single-colour wallpaper... more

Line-up wallpaper


If you want to be on the forefront of style then join the line. Not only does the simplicity of stripe and line designs give these wallpapers timeless elegance but even the most subtle vertical linework will draw the eye up and make a room seem taller and more spacious... more

Fun wallpaper


There's a growing appetite for whimsical and quirky wallpaper designs, which are being increasingly used in quite sophisticated schemes... more

Kids wallpaper


Monkeys swing from treetops, jaguars leap and whales sail across these walls. If there's one room in the house where imagination rules, it's in a child's bedroom... more

Discover more about wallpaper...

Unexpected uses for wallpaper


Don't limit your wallpaper to your walls or using just one design all over. Wallpaper can be used in a variety of unexpected and fun ways, big and small... more

Wallpaper hacks

Wallpaper hacks

Clever paint projects inspired by paint.

If a wallpaper design takes your fancy but isn't quite the right colour or scale, how about interpreting it in paint? We've replicated the look of some favourite Resene Wallpaper Collection designs as paint projects... more

A tale of renewal - classic handprinted wallpaper

A tale of renewal

The Mason's story - classic handprinted wallpaper lives on.

The work of William Mason, arguably the most important wallpaper designer and manufacturer in New Zealand history, has been brought back to life by Resene... more

Know your wallpaper

Know your wallpaper

Wallpapers are typically sold as single rolls that are 50cm wide and approx 10m long. Some may be wider or narrower, longer or shorter... more

How to hang wallpaper

How to hang wallpaper

As with most projects, it pays to know what you're doing before you start wallpapering your walls. Once you know how, wallpapering is fairly easy, especially with today's paste-the-wall products... more

Resene Wallpaper Collection 296166, 296111 and 296258

Habitat plus – Wallpaper

Contributing stylists: Nikki Astwood, Megan Harrison-Turner, Leigh Stockton.

Contributing photographers: Nikki Astwood, Bryce Carleton.

Contributed images: Aspiring Walls.

Cover images: Resene Wallpaper Collection, clockwise from left HX8-051, HX3-010, DGKEN202, HX4-034, HAN100396822 and 90370. Image to left: Resene Wallpaper Collection 296166, 296111 and 296258.

If you're interested in a particular wallpaper shown in this book, you'll find the design code at the top or bottom of the image. Take a note of the code, and staff at your local Resene ColorShop can show you the relevant sample book as well as other similar designs.

Current edition: PDF | Ebook.  Archive - 2018 edition: PDF | Ebook

updated May 2021

Please place your wallpaper orders allowing plenty of time as there may be delays and some items may be unavailable. Samples are available in selected designs. Ask our Resene ColorShop team for assistance. Please view your favourites in store.

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