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How to make your own easy DIY pinnable mood board

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Have a creative project on the go and need somewhere to pin the bits and bobs that inspire you? Both stylish and practical, this pinnable mood board is exactly what you need.

Make a mood board for your creative project

Paint it in colours that take your fancy and pin up colour swatches, reference photos, etc. When you've moved on from the project onto another, simply paint over and start again.

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  1. Using the tape, mask out the pattern you'd like onto the board. Using the Resene testpots and paintbrush, start painting. Remove the tape before the paint has dried.
  2. Pin up the inspiration items you have collected and arrange them, and rearrange them, as you collect new items.
  3. Nikki has used gold thumbtacks to pin inspiring items that link to the blue theme. Keep the mood board in sight to keep you inspired throughout your project and add to it as you go.

Top tip: When deciding how to paint your colours, try and paint each Resene colour in the approximate proportion you think you will use it on your project. Think about the 60-30-10 rule – 60% the main colour, 30% the secondary colour and 10% for the accent colour. You can deviate from this if you like but it will give you a good start point to help you create a balanced colour palette.

Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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