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Upcycling for Good

Upcycling for Good

You can find a huge range of treasures, from ornaments and picture frames, to furniture and toys at your local Salvation Army store that you can easily upcycle with a little Resene paint and some imagination.

"Our Family Stores are full of treasures generously donated by members of the public. We value these donations and try our hardest to re-purpose and sell as much as possible. We’re all about re-using and recycling, so teaming up with Resene on Upcycling for Good was a perfect match. Resene’s products and tips are a natural fit with our pre-loved furniture and accessories, which are usually great quality but could sometimes do with a lick of paint to ensure they fly off the shelves.

Each year, nationally, our stores save 16,000 tonnes from landfill. This initiative increases the value of the donated product, improves the range of goods for our customers, and furthers The Salvation Army’s mission and Resene’s community activity.” Gareth Marshall, The Salvation Army's National Family Store Manager.

Refinish a magazine rack
Paint a magazine rack

Breathe new life into an old magazine rack by adding a pop of colour... more
Create a vintage welcome sign
Vintage welcome sign

A vintage print can make a great welcome sign for your home... more
Paint your old hardback books
Painted decorative books

Turn your old hardback books into decorative pieces... more
Paint a dolls bed
Paint a doll's bed

Breathe new life into an old children’s toy with a fun new look... more
Paint a suitcase
Paint a suitcase

Turn an old suitcase into a glossy glam decorative piece... more
Paint an kids balance bike
Paint a kid's balance bike

Update a balance bike with a colourful new look... more
Paint your bedsid drawersl
Ombre bedside drawers

Use stain and colour to easily refresh a dated bedside drawer unit... more
Paint an easle
Paint an easel

Transform an old wooden easel into a statement piece... more
Boys treasure box
Boys treasure box

Turn an ordinary wooden gift box into a treasure chest!... more
Paint a mirror with metallic paint for dramatic effect
Painted mirror

Add glam detail to a vintage mirror using metallic paint... more
Colourful chalkboard
Colourful chalkboard

Turn an old kitchen tray into a useful and colourful chalkboard... more
Make a noughts and crosses board game
Board game

Build your own board game for school holiday fun! Noughts and crosses... more
Upcycle a retro coffee table
Retro coffee table

Refresh a retro coffee table without losing its character... more
Paint a wine rack
Paint a wine rack

Update a plain old wine rack with some on-trend colour!.. view
Make a space themed headboard
Make a space themed headboard

Make a boring old headboard an exciting glow in the dark feature... view
Paint a vintage sideboard
Paint an vintage sideboard

Brighten up an old piece of furniture with some vibrant colour... view
Paint a butlers table
Paint a butlers table

Update a retro butler’s table with a simple and classic makeover... view
Make scrabble art
Create scrabble art

Repurpose some old Scrabble tiles and picture frames to create word art... view
Paint a childs rocking horse
Paint a child's rocking horse

Take a classic rocking horse and modernise it with colour... view
Make a pets basket
Create a pet basket

Give an old laundry basket new purpose by upcycling it into a pet basket... view
Transform a wooden mail tray
Transform a wooden mail tray

Refresh an old fashioned mail tray with a modern new look... view
Paint a terrazzo pot
Paint a terrazzo pot

Update a boring old plant pot with an on-trend terrazzo paint effect!... view
Paint an school desk
Paint a school desk

Turn an old school desk into a stylish side table or hallway feature... view
Furniture upcycle with wallpaper
Upcycle furniture wallpaper

Use colourful wallpaper samples to update a tired old piece of furniture easily... view
Retro kitchen artwork
Retro kitchen artwork

Take retro inspiration from old kitchen utensils that you can no longer use and turn them into art... view
Paint a wooden stool
Paint a kids stool

Take two well-loved preschool stools and revive them with a fun and sweet-themed makeover... view
Paint a woven plate
Paint a woven plate

Put your own spin on a current wall art trend by painting designs on woven plates... view
Paint a picture frame and flower art
Paint a picture frame

Update an old picture frame with bright new paint colour and a creative floral treatment... view
Make a sensory table
Make a sensory table

Take an old children’s table and turn it into a fun and tactile sensory board... view
Paint a cardboard box
Paint a hat box

Turn a cardboard lidded hat box into a stylish piece of home décor, with a tribal twist... view
Recycle an old school desk
Recycle an school desk

Make homework fun by transforming an old school desk... view
Paint an oldschool chair
Paint a wooden chair

Take one plain wooden dining chair and make it a stand-alone statement... view
Make candy jars and dino bookends
Decorate with animal figurines

Create candy jars and book ends using animal figurines... view
Decorate a kids ironing board
Decorate a kids ironing board

Take a lovingly handcrafted toy ironing board, and restore it... view
Paint a wooden bowl
Retro wooden bowl

A pop of glossy colour can turn a retro wooden bowl into a statement... view
Make a kids stove for many hours of fun
Construct a kids stove

Convert a bedside cabinet into a kids stove for fun meals... view
Wooden childrens painted trolley
Paint a toy trolley

Wooden toys - sometimes they need a coat or two of paint... view
Paint a vase
Paint a vase

Brighten up a beige pottery vase with a bold new colour and pattern... view
Paint a pin board
Paint a pin board

Make a plain pin board a work of art... view
Jewellery bowls
Jewellery bowls

Transform bowls from drab to jewellery fab with jewel inspired colours... view
Painting coasters
Painted coasters

Give old coasters a fresh look... view
Paint glass vases
Painted vases

Create statement vases with your favourite Resene colours... view
Refinish a cane table
Cane table

Update an old cane table with on trend colour and a fun paint technique... view
Paint a christmas basket
Paint a Christmas basket

Create a Christmas centrepiece for the table by adding a bit of sparkle to some old baskets... view
Paint Plastic pot
Paint Plastic pot

Take two boring brown plastic tubs/pots and brighten them up with some bold colour blocking... view
Decoupage to transform a vintage side table
Paint a wooden crate

Use unexpected patterns and bright colours to update a couple of retro wooden crates... view
Decoupage to transform a vintage side table
Revamp a bedside cabinet

Update an old bedside cabinet while keeping its character... view
Decoupage to transform a vintage side table
Make your deck chairs look new!

Freshen up some old timber deck chairs with a bright nautical theme for summer!... view
Decoupage to transform a vintage side table
Make custom photo boards

Turn tired old frames into functional and on-trend photo boards... view
Decoupage to transform a vintage side table
Transform a vintage side table

Use colour and decoupage to transform a vintage side table into a bright floral feature piece... view
Transform an cane basket into a plant pot
Paint a cane basket with imagination

Transform an old cane basket into a tribal-style plant pot.... view

Paint a pallet table

Give a dark and dusty pallet table a bright and glossy new look... view
Transform a wicker basket
Transform a wicker basket

Transform a plain wicker magazine rack with a modern and colourful update with paint and beads... view
Paint an old suitcase
Paint an old suitcase

Refresh an old suitcase with a cool new retro look... view
Paint an art deco tray
Paint an art-deco tray

Give an old kitchen tray a glam art-deco style makeover... view
Restore a desk
Restore a desk

Restore a painted desk to its former timber glory.... view
Paint a cubby shelf
Paint a cubby shelf

Update an old cane stool with fresh paint and new fabric... view
Paint a cane stool
Update a cane stool

Update an old cane stool with fresh paint and new fabric... view
Paint a trestle table
Trestle table

Give an old trestle table a new party purpose!... view
How to paint preserving jars
Paint a jar

Paint and distress some old preserving jars, for decorative use in your home... view
Paint a side table
Paint a side table

Updating a girl’s height chart with an on trend, unisex look... view
Paint coasters and placemats
Paint coasters and placemats

Repainting old coasters and placemats with a fun and on-trend tropical theme! ... view
Paint an easel
Paint an easel

Update a worn out old kid’s easel with some texture, bright pink paint and a magnetic blackboard... view
Paint a picnic basket
Paint a picnic basket

Renovate a picnic basket with bright colours... view
Update a girls height chart
Children's height chart

Updating a girl’s height chart with an on trend, unisex look... view
Give a new look to wooden stools
Wooden stools

Give two old wooden stools a nautical-style new look with bright, bold colour and pattern... view
Make a beautiful jewellery tray
Jewellery tray

Update an old wooden serving tray into a beautiful home for jewellery and trinkets... view
Update a panted sideboard
Paint a sideboard in pastel hues

Take retro inspiration from pastel hues to reinvent your old sideboard... view
Turn an old record player upcycled into a retro storage cupboard
Retro storage cabinet

Turn an old record player upcycled into a retro storage cupboard... view

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