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ASE colour files

These ase cross-platform colour libraries work in a range of design applications including PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign to enable you to quickly and easily select Resene colours for your designs.

Download the ase files from this web page and save to your computer in a location where they will be easy to find. Make sure they retain the ase file extension. When opening in Photoshop and InDesign, make sure you have ase selected as a file extension so it can find the downloaded files.

In PhotoShop - you can call up the Library you want (follow filepath to Presets folder/Color Swatches and all colours in that library appear in your PhotoShop Swatches dropdown list.

Adobe Photoshop colour files of Resene colours.

InDesign - There are two methods: (both require you to follow the filepath to the Swatch library in Presets)
1. 'Add New Swatch' and you can bring in each colour one at a time;
2. 'Load Swatches' and you can bring in each Library’s full colour list. If any colour is not used, simply 'Select Unused' and then "Delete Swatch' and they will be deleted so your file just has the used colours associated with it.

To add a single colour to InDesign: choose 'Add new Swatch'. One is selected and it's added to the InDesign Swatch colour list.

To add ALL colours at once choose 'Load Swatches' :

Adobe InDesign colour files of resene paint colours

Illustrator - Open Swatch Library, Other Library option, select the ase file you want and click Open. The chosen Resene swatches will then be available to you.

So now, in either Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, you can load or delete Resene colours, change out your colour library list to suit which Resene colours you need and Voila! - move from library to library at will.

To download the file you wish to use, please right click on the file name and select Save Target As.

Resene TCS - BS2660 range.ase
Resene TCS - BS5252 range (2008).ase
Resene TCS - Colorwood Woodstain 2011.ase
Resene TCS - Decks Paths Driveways Recreational Areas (2014).ase
Resene TCS - Decks Paths Driveways Recreational Areas (2011).ase
Resene TCS - Heritage and Traditional Maori Palette 2015.ase
Resene TCS - Heritage range (2008).ase
Resene TCS - Karen Walker range 4.ase
Resene TCS - Karen Walker 2015.ase
Resene TCS - KidzColour 2015.ase
Resene TCS - KidzColour range (2012).ase
Resene TCS - Metallics and special effects range (2014).ase
Resene TCS - Metallics and special effects range (2010).ase
Resene TCS - Multi-finish 2016.ase
Resene TCS - Multi-finish range (2008).ase
Resene TCS - Roof Systems (Summit) 2014.ase
Resene TCS - Roof Systems (Summit) 2012.ase
Resene TCS - The Range fashion colours 18.ase
Resene TCS - The Range fashion colours 16.ase
Resene TCS - The Range fashion colours 14.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2011-12.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2010.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2009.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2008.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2007.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2006.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2005.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2004.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2003.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2002.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2001.ase
Resene TCS - The Range 2000.ase
Resene TCS - The Range whites & neutrals (2014).ase
Resene TCS - The Range whites & neutrals (2012).ase
Resene TCS - WB Woodsman 2015.ase
Resene TCS - WB Woodsman (2008).ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Arrowtown.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Diwali.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Gisborne.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Great Barrier/Hauraki Gulf.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Hanmer Springs.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Rotorua.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Style Pasifika.ase
Resene TCS - special palette - Waikato Coastal.ase

Resene TCS - Resene Total Colour System Master 2016.ase


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