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Resene versions of Pantone© colours, 012–270

Resene can provide Resene versions of most Pantone© colours, using Resene paints, tinters and formulations.

We already have Resene versions on file for the colours below. These can be tinted for you at all Resene ColorShops and selected Resene resellers. If you need a colour not in this list, please contact your local Resene representative or Resene ColorShop and they can assist getting the Resene colour made for you. There is no cost for this colour match service. A Pantone© fandeck is available at most Resene ColorShops for viewing.

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Due to the difference in production process between Pantone© printed fandecks and Resene paint, the colour matches may be metameric to the fandeck – i.e. they can look different in natural vs artificial lighting due to the difference between ink and paint production. For the colours noted interior or exterior these have been matched for those uses only. Always check a physical sample of the colour before making your final choice.

PMS 012C — PMS 270C

Page ›  012-270  |  274-398  |  400-547  |  548-1815  |  1817-4515  |  4535-7546  |  7547-8700  |  Black, warm/cool grey...

PMS 012C

PMS 13 0935 TPX

PMS 13 0935

PMS 14 3903 TPX

PMS 14 3903

PMS 15 4305 TPX

PMS 15 4305

PMS 16 5804

PMS 18 1404 TPX

PMS 18 1404

PMS 021C

PMS 032C

PMS 072C

PMS 072U

PMS 104C

PMS 105C

PMS 107C

PMS 107U

PMS 108C

PMS 109C

PMS 109U

PMS 110C

PMS 111C

PMS 113C

PMS 115C

PMS 116C

PMS 117C

PMS 120C

PMS 122C

PMS 123C

PMS 124C

PMS 127C

PMS 129C

PMS 130C

PMS 135C

PMS 136C

PMS 137C

PMS 138C

PMS 142C

PMS 143C

PMS 144C

PMS 145C

PMS 148C

PMS 150C

PMS 151C

PMS 152C

PMS 153C

PMS 154C

PMS 155C

PMS 157C

PMS 158C

PMS 164C

PMS 165C

PMS 165U

PMS 166C

PMS 167C

PMS 168C

PMS 170C

PMS 171C

PMS 172C

PMS 173C

PMS 174C

PMS 175C

PMS 176C

PMS 177C

PMS 179C

PMS 180C

PMS 181C

PMS 185C

PMS 186C

PMS 187C

PMS 188C

PMS 194C

PMS 195C

PMS 196C

PMS 197C

PMS 197U

PMS 198C

PMS 199C

PMS 200C

PMS 200U

PMS 201C

PMS 202C

PMS 208C

PMS 209C

PMS 210C

PMS 213C

PMS 215C

PMS 216C

PMS 221C

PMS 222C

PMS 227C

PMS 229C

PMS 234C

PMS 235C

PMS 241C

PMS 242C

PMS 243C

PMS 249C

PMS 255C

PMS 256C

PMS 257C

PMS 259C

PMS 261C

PMS 263C

PMS 266C

PMS 267C

PMS 268C

PMS 270C

Page ›  012-270  |  274-398  |  400-547  |  548-1815  |  1817-4515  |  4535-7546  |  7547-8700  |  Black, warm/cool grey...


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.