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Easy art ideas for kids

Splash some colour and creativeness around your place with these free art ideas. Resene and Mark Rayner have joined forces to provide projects suitable for children of all ages. The four step projects are suitable for young children with adult supervision; the six step projects can be done by older children alone or by younger children with willing adult helpers!  Projects are rated easy to challenging so you can pick a project that suits.

Pebble head
Pebble head

It’s easy to turn a simple flat stone into a cool pebble head... view
Monster portrait
Monster portrait

Make a magnificent monster masterpiece using some Resene testpots... view
Birthday pot
Birthday pot

It’s easy to create this present for a special birthday... view
Make fun painted cardboard shoes for your children
Funny feet

Take two small boxes and a selection of Resene testpots... view
Make an ideas file for your files and photos
Ideas file

Create your very own ideas file where you can store notes, drawings... view
Paint a ceramic animal
Garden animal

It’s fun to turn a plain ceramic animal into a colourful creation... view
Make giant dice
Giant dice

Make these giant dice out of two wooden blocks and Resene testpots... view
Paint a cool dribble pot
Dribble pot

Create this cool dribble pot using a terracotta plant pot... view
Make a storage tin
Craft tin

Transform a humble can into a nifty craft storage tin... view
Make a secret tin
Secret tin

Store all your special secret stuff in this cool painted tin... view
Make a frog box holder
Crafty frog box

It’s easy to create this funky frog craft box using some cardboard... view
Resene Pelorous blue kitty lampshade
Kitty lampshade

Paint this cute cat lampshade with Resene Pelorous.... view
Create this fabulous golden hand
Golden hand

Create this fabulous golden hand.... view
Dazzling plant pot
Fluoro pot

Use the fabulous Resene FX Fluoro colours on a pot.... view
Create this cool castle
King of the castle

Create this cool castle from a cardboard box... view
How to make a desk tidy
Desk tidy

Transform a few toilet roll tubes into this handy desk tidy... view
Create this cool name tag
Name tag

It's easy to create this cool name tag with a little bit of help from Resene... view
Make greeting cards with Resene stencils and testpots
Stencil a card

Create cool greeting cards with a Resene stencil and testpot.... view
Create this bumble bee plant pot
Bumble bee pot

Transform a tin into a bumble-bee striped pot... view
Create this crazy egg man toy
Egg man

Create this crazy egg man toy... view
Gold money box
Gold money box

Create this fabulous gold money box with Resene Metallic paint... view
Prickly hedgehog model
Prickly customer

Create this fabulous prickly hedgehog model... view
Clown face project for kids
Clown face

Make this cool clown face from a paper plate and Resene testpots... view
Kitty box project for kids
Kitty box

It’s easy to create this cool cat box for all your little treasures using a cardboard box... view
Spooky mask
Spooky mask

Scare all your friends by making this spooky monster mask... view
Crackle man
Crackle man

Create this funky portrait using Resene Crackle effect and Resene colours... view
Painted Daisy vase
Daisy vase

It’s easy to create this fabulous daisy vase from an old teapot... view
Make your own glittery Christmas cards
Season's greetings

Make your very own glittery Christmas cards... view
Painted papier mache puppy
Woof woof!

Decorate this precious puppy using a paper maché form... view
Creepy critter
Creepy critter

Have your very own creepy critter with a little bit of help from Resene... view
Magnet board
Magnet board

Create this fabulous magnetic blackboard from a simple piece of plywood... view
Kids model animals stand
Stand and deliver!
Create this fabulous display stand for your favourite model animal... view
Robot pot
Robot pot
It’s easy to turn some small terracotta pots into a cool metallic robot... view
Paint brush puppet
Brush head

Turn an old paintbrush into a funky puppet toy... view
Spelling bee
Spelling bee

It’s easy to create these super cool spelling stones... view
Prize puppet
Prize puppet

Create a fabulous glove puppet from felt and wool... view
Easy tiger CD stands
Easy tiger!

Create these cool tiger CD stands from plain wooden bookends... view
Cool cat mask
Cool cat mask

Turn a plain papier-mâché mask into a purr-fect masterpiece... view
Spin the wheel
Spin the wheel

Create this fabulous spinning wheel from an old record... view
Go fish
Go fish

Make this fabulous goldfish gift tag from a piece of cardboard... view
Brilliant butterfly
Brilliant butterfly

Transform a clothes peg and a piece of cardboard into a fabulous butterfly wall decoration... view
Press and print leaf art
Press and print leaf art

Turn over a new leaf with this simple print made using Resene Art Action art and poster paints... view
Circus drum
Circus drum

Bang a drum and create your very own musical instrument... view
Rockin rocket
Rockin' rocket

Make your very own space rocket picture using a Resene stencil Resene KidzColours... view
Superhero project

Create your very own superhero sculpture from a polystyrene head and Resene testpots... view
Painted gumboots project
Great gumboots!

Turn an old gumboot into a cool creature using your favourite Resene testpot colours... view
Flower vase project

Make this brilliant flower vase from an old jam jar... view
Painted bracelet project
Bling it on!
Create this gorgeous golden bangle using a fabulous hot pink Resene colour and Gold Effects... view
Walk tall
Walk tall

Turn a couple of empty Resene paint tins into these super groovy stilts... view
Make Chrstmas decorations
Festive fun!

Create a Christmas decoration from a polystyrene ball, tinsel pipe cleaners and fave Resene colour... view
My little pony
My little pony

Transform a plain paper maché pony into a fabulous bedroom ornament... view
Glitter-arty art project fo kids

Use a Resene KidzColour stencil from the Resene website to create this fabulous glittery unicorn picture... view
Mosaic masterpiece
Sunny side up

Create your own mosaic masterpiece with this fun project... view
Metallic effect bowl
Get bowled over

Create this cool metallic effect bowl from self-hardening clay... view
Make a butterfly stamp
Stamp appeal

Create this brilliant butterfly picture with Resene Crackle Effect... view
Painted rock craft project
Rockin' good fun

It’s fun to create this fabulous garden critter from a large rock... view
Pencil madness!
Pencil madness!

Create this kooky pencil holder by paining 2 terracotta pots... view
Off the planet!
Off the planet!

Make your very own model planet from a painted polystyrene ball... view
Monster money box
Monster money box

Turn a cardboard coffee cup into a mega monster money box... view
Snail trails!
Snail trails!

Create this cool ‘snail trail’ artwork using cotton thread and paint... view
Make a secret diary
Secret diary

Combine Resene Crackle Effect with a Resene paint to make this fabulous secret diary... view
How to make a memo board
Take a memo

Transform a wooden picture frame into a very cool memo board using Resene Blackboard Paint... view
Glamour puss collage
Glamour puss!

A kooky kitty collage made from magazine cut-outs plus... view
Fireworks picture
Big bang!

This fabulous fireworks painting is made from coloured glitters... view
3D Dinosaur

Make this fabulous 3D dinosaur picture using self-hardening clay, Resene Paint Effects and Resene paint... view
Feelin' fruity
Feelin' fruity

Create this clever pineapple picture using coloured card... view
Crackle castle
Crackle castle

Use Resene Crackle with Resene paint to create this cool crackle effect castle... view
Bullseye target

Make this brilliant bullseye target using bright Resene colours... view
Make a Christmas tree ornament
Christmas cheer

Make your very own mini Christmas tree ornament... view
Pots of happiness
Pots of happiness

Create this cool Christmas or birthday gift pot... view
Kids paint a pet's portrait art project
Pet project

It’s easy to create your very own pet portrait... view
Kids decorated storage folder art project
Get filing!

Organise your pictures and school science projects with this cool space-age storage file... view
Sparkly jewellery holder
Razzle dazzle

Turn a MDF mug stand into a sparkly jewellery holder using metallic paint from the Resene KidzColour... view
Potato stamp kids art project
One potato... two potato

Turn a potato into a smiley face stamp and make this cool poster... view
Funky bedroom screen
Screen play

Transform a simple square of cardboard into a funky bedroom screen... view
Make a rugby star with a wooden peg
What a score!

Create your very own rugby star from a wooden peg, a pipe cleaner... view
Snowman collage picture
Let it snow!

Create this cool snowman collage picture with some polystyrene chips and paint... view
Kids decorated pencil box art project
Pencil me in

Jazz up a plain wooden pencil box with your favourite Resene colours... view
Kids decorated tissue box holder art project
Clowning around

Create a cool clown tissue holder with some self-hardening modelling clay and Resene paint... view
Kids door notice art project
Get a handle on it

Get some well deserved peace and quiet with this cool bedroom door handle sign... view
Kids scrapbook art project
Get scrapping

Create this brilliant scrapbook for all your cat photos... view
Kids easter card art project
Egg-cellent greetings!

Create a cool Easter card with a little bit of help from some Resene Art Action paints... view
A cute sock monkey wall hanging
Sock it to 'em

Create this cute sock monkey wall hanging from an MDF placemat... view
Groovy sparkly box
Sparkle time

Make a groovy sparkly box with glitter, sequins and your fave Resene colour... view
Monster mask art project for kids
Monster mash

Create this spooky monster mask from a painted a paper bag... view
Decorated clipboard project for children
Pink puppies

It’s fun to jazz up an old clipboard with some cute puppy stickers... view
Numbers game art project
Numbers game

Make this really cool numbers game from a piece of cardboard... view
Scoring blackboard
High score

Make your very own game scorer blackboard from MDF... view
Spoon puppet
Spoon puppet

It’s easy to make this kooky puppet from a wooden spoon... view
A feathery bird picture
Feathered friend

Have fun creating this feathery bird picture in your own fave Resene colours... view
Make a spaghetti man
Spaghetti man

Make this fun spaghetti man from an old shoe box... view
A cool peg memo board
Off the peg

Create a cool peg memo board using a few craft supplies and Resene Art Action paints... view
Beetlemania Kids art project

Transform a plain ceramic money box into something colourful and cool... view
Funky bird wall decoration
One for the birds

Create your own funky bird wall decoration using a polystyrene egg... view
A multi-coloured mirror frame
Smart as a button

Create a multi-coloured mirror frame with buttons and paint... view
Create your own fabulous star box
You star!

Create your own fabulous star box
using Resene paints and a cool Resene KidzColour sticker... view
A groovy wastepaper bin
Keep it clean

Turn a plain cardboard box into a groovy wastepaper bin... view
A lucky black cat painting
Lucky winner

Create your very own lucky black cat painting using Resene paint... view
Snap game board
Snap happy!

Make your very own Snap game board from painted MDF... view
Create your own groovy desk tidy
Desk job

Create your own groovy desk tidy using a few cardboard containers... view
Create a space themed blackboard
Out of this world

Create this groovy space-themed blackboard... view
Create a sunny stepping stone
Step right up

Create a sunny stepping stone... view
Cardboard box TV project
TV time

Transform an old cardboard box into your very own TV... view
Magic star wand project
That's magic

Use a stencil from the Resene stencil library to create your very own magic star wand... view
Create your very own driving track
Drive time

It’s really fun to create your very own driving track... view
Turn a calendar into a real work of art
Make a date

Turn a calendar into a real work of art with the help of Resene paints... view
Checkerboard game table
Checkerboard challenge

Turn a simple cardboard box into a fun checkerboard game table... view
Paint a frisbee
Frisbee fun!

Have some summer fun with this cool painted butterfly frisbee... view
Make a fish picture
Something fishy

Create your very own magnetic undersea scene using Resene Magnetic Magic... view
Leap frog stencil
Leap frog

Use a stencil from the Resene stencil library to create your very own piece of frog art... view
A groovy toy house
House rules

It’s fun to create a groovy toy house from an old cardboard box and Resene testpots... view
A wall mask
Tickled pink

Transform a couple of paper plates into a cool wall mask... view
Paint a clock
Clocking on

You’ll never be lost for time with this cool clock... view
Make a door plaque
Door opener

It’s easy to make your very own door plaque... view
Ceate a groovy
bedside lamp
See the light

Create a groovy bedside lamp with some metallic confetti shapes... view
Outdoor funky monkey
Monkey business

Create your very own outdoor funky monkey... view
Paint a zebra chair
On safari

Transform an old wooden chair into a safari-inspired zebra masterpiece... view
Paint a jigsaw
Puzzle it out

It’s easy to create your very own jigsaw with the help of Resene Art Action paints... view
Create this cool windsock
Sock it to 'em

Create this cool windsock using clear polythene and a rainbow selection of Resene paint... view
Painted wooden box
On the box

A few Resene testpots are all it takes to transform a simple wooden box... view
Kids art projects
Curtain raiser

Fancy an evening at the theatre? Create your own from a cardboard box and Resene paints... view
Framed blackboard project
Chalk it up

Use Resene Blackboard Paint and Resene paint to create a cool framed blackboard... view
Painted model plane
Plane brilliant!

Transform a balsa wood model plane into something special... view
Resene Paints art projects for kids
Flower power

Create a fabulous collage with flower pictures from old gardening magazines... view
Kids art projects
Puppy love

Make your very own pet puppy with self hardening clay and Resene paint... view
Crackling effect on terracotta plant pot
Get crackling

Turn a simple terracotta plant pot into a fabulous container... view
Make this cool magnetic noughts and crosses game
Game on!

It’s easy to create this cool magnetic noughts and crosses game... view
Make fun book ends
By the book
Create these fun bookends using a few squares of timber, some wooden animals and... view
Create a piggy bank
This little piggy

Create a cool piggy bank from an old juice bottle... view
A groovy art kit
Art attack

Turn an old shoebox into a groovy art kit with Resene Art Action paints... view
Make a crazy card
Card crazy

Make this crazy card for family or friends and watch their reaction!... view
Decorate a ringbinder - space themed
Space age

This groovy space themed ringbinder would be great for science class... view
Wrapping presents
It's a wrap

No two presents will ever look the same again with our fun wrapping paper designs... view
Make a picture with pipe cleaners
Furry fun

Use furry coloured pipe cleaners to create this fun picture... view
Create a pet rock
My pet rocks

Get creative and make your very own ladybug pet rock... view
Cat picture
Picture purr-fect

Transform a picture of your pet cat into a real masterpiece... view
Four ways with Anzac poppies
Four ways with Anzac poppies

Poppy project ideas; Close to your heart Loop-de-loop Forget me not Pretty as a picture... view
Make these fun things
4 ways with numbers

Make these fun projects with clocks, math and saving... view
Make these fun things from LEGO
4 ways with LEGO

Make these funky projects with LEGO... view
Make these fun things from old T-shirts
Old T-shirt projects
Bags, headbands or pom poms from old T-shirts... view
Make these funky Easter projects
Easter bunnies

Make these fun and easy Easter projects... view
Use recycled bottles to make these funky projects
4 ways with recycling

Make these funky projects with recycled bottles... view
4 ways to make your own gift wrapping paper
4 ways with gift wrapping

Create your own Chrstmas gift wrapping paper... view
4 ways with animal crafts
4 ways with animal crafts

Imaginative ways for doing animal craft work… view
4 ways with Anzac poppies
4 ways with Anzac poppies

Get your children involved in Anzac Day with these poppy projects… view
4 ways with rocks
4 ways with rocks

Grab some rocks and Resene testpots and let your children’s imagination... view
4 ways with garlands
4 ways with garlands

Get in the Christmas spirit with these garland ideas... view
Father's day gifts to make
4 ways for Father's day

4 gifts to make dad for Father's Day... view
4 creative things to do with plastic animals
4 ways with plastic animals

Make a themed print, dinosaur bookends... view
Kids projects using wooden spoons
4 ways with wooden spoons

4 ways with wooden spoons... view
4 ways with kids’ artwork
4 ways with kids’ artwork

4 ways with kids’ artwork... view
4 fun ideas for decorating tin cans
4 fun ideas for decorating cans

4 fun ideas with tin cans from pencil holders... view
4 fun ideas for balloon pinatas
4 fun ideas for balloon piñatas

Ideas for balloon piñatas... view
4  ways with fairy lights
4 fun ideas for fairy lights

Fun ideas for fairy lights... view
27 great ideas for fabulous rooms for kids
Great ideas for fabulous rooms

A child's bedroom is about far more than a place for them to sleep... view
Get creative with your present wrapping
4 ways with wrapping presents

Get creative with your present wrapping... view
4 ways with beanies
4 ways with beanies

Get creative with beanies and keep your children's heads warm and colourful... view
4 ways with DIY Christmas cards
4 ways with DIY Christmas cards

Encourage your children to get into the Christmas spirit with these cards... view
4 ways with an egg carton
4 ways with an egg carton

Get creative with your children and help them upcycle an egg carton... view
4 ways with a shoebox
4 ways with a shoebox

Here’s a great excuse for some shoe shopping... view
Painting lampshades
4 ways with lampshades

The budget might not stretch to a new lounge suite but.... view
Backyard Bliss
Backyard bliss

With a little bit of DIY style a back garden becomes an outdoor room... view
Craft ideas with eggshells
4 ways with eggshells

Empty eggshells are an ideal craft activity for Easter... view
Home a haven
A room for Bob’s girls

All little girls need a special place they can call their own... view
10 ideas - cheap and cheerful
10 ideas - cheap and cheerful

You don’t have to look too far afield to find an instant pick me up... view
Interior Decorating Ideas
20 ways to decorate your home

Everyone wants to live in a home that feels both comfortable and welcoming... view
Tee shirts
6 things to do with a plain t-shirt

Six clever ideas for creating clever designs for kids’ everyday wear... view
Teen Space
Teen space

A garage turned into a teenage retreat for the holidays gives teenagers... view
Childrens' parties

Simple can be best! Simple and fun ideas for kids parties... view
Childrens bedroom
Room for 2

A large bedroom transformed into a great space for a boy and girl to live and sleep in... view
Small living area into a child-friendly space
Heart of the home

Many people with children find themselves in small flats... view
Creative Christmas
Creative Christmas

Get creative this Christmas with a range of Christmas items.... view
Changing rooms
Designing with heart

The baby is moving into the study and the boys are taking over... view
Baby's nursery
Beautiful budget nursery

Budget restrictions don't need to restrict creating a beautiful nursery... view
Let's pretend
Let's pretend

Get creative with Resene paints and these colourful, out-of-this-world projects... view
Lace up for summer fun
Lace up for summer fun

Grab the kids and some Resene testpots then let your imagination run wild... view
For the kids
For the kids

Check out these cool ideas for the smaller family members... view
Taking notice
Taking notice

Make a cool noticeboard and pen pots!... view
Recycle robot
Recycle robot

Make a cool robot out of your old cardboard rolls and boxes!... view
How to make a beaded lampshade
How to make a beaded lampshade

Make the pretty lampshade from our winning room... view
Flags of fun
Flags of fun

Paint a mini mural and make your own colourful bunting... view
Bedside magic
Bedside magic

Give a plain bedside cabinet a makeover using your favourite images!... view

Jazz up a plain picture or mirrorframe with painted cut-outs... view
Paper chase
Paper chase

How to make personalised wrapping paper... view
Stick'em up!
Stick'em up!

Making a children's magnetic photo board... view
Your very own window decorations
Your very own window decorations

How to make your very own window decorations... view
Name plates
Name plates

Paint name plate and letters with two coats of colour... view

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