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How to make your own easy spice jars

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Spice up your kitchen bench with these stylish labelled jars, painted in dusky oranges and neutrals from the Resene range. These jars don't have to be exclusively to hold spices... use them in the bathroom to store cotton wool, or the bedroom for all your bits and bobs.

Paint your own spice jars

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  1. Paint the jam jars with Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and leave to dry according following the instructions on pack.
  2. Using the Resene testpots, paint over the sealer to add colour.
  3. Once dry, mask out a stripe with tape onto each jar and apply Resene FX Blackboard Paint. Take the tape off before the paint dries. Once dry, write the labels on each jar with chalk or a chalk pen. Choose chalk if you want to be able to easily wipe off and rename the bottle in the future. Choose a chalk pen if you want the naming to be more permanent.
  4. Fill with spices, and enjoy this cool, new addition to your kitchen bench!

Top tip: To make your spices easy to find you could try painting each bottle in a Resene colour that suits the spice name or colour. Think red for chilli, brown for cinnamon, black for pepper and white for salt. This can help you quickly spot the spice in your spice rack or cupboard without even having to read the name.

Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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