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Architects memos - technical information

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Title Description Memo Version
Why does silk feel so – well silky! the whys and wherefores soft touch coatings memo 144 Aug 2023
fertile soil is your paint compostable memo 143 Nov 2022
comparisons the 'whole of life' carbon footprint of Resene products and systems memo 142 Jul 2022
the new black charred timber finishes memo 141 Nov 2020
in the eye of the beholder decorative and protective coatings for rust memo 140 Aug 2020
shepherd's delight how light affects colour memo 139 May 2020
the devil you know advice on decking products memo 138 Feb 2020
things ancient and modern oil and wax floor finishes/coatings memo 137 Nov 2019
eolian transport reducing dirt pick-up on surfaces memo 136 Aug 2019
animal, vegetable or mineral choosing vegan paints memo 135 May 2019
under pressure paint failing: wet adhesion and hydrostatic pressure memo 134 Feb 2019
urban legend - old painter tales or tricky physics pale paint colours and hiding power memo 133 Nov 2018
sweet thermally treated timber and painting memo 132 Aug 2018
blood brothers paint design: performance, safety and environmental considerations memo 131 May 2018
what sorcery is this!? Resene SmartTouch conductive paint memo 130 Feb 2018
a silk purse or a sow's ear discussing environmental claims in paint manufacture, use and advertising memo 129 Nov 2017
HCHO minimising formaldehyde exposure in new builds and refurbishments memo 128 Jul 2017
repaint! repaint, but when? paint durability and when to repaint memo 127 May 2017
durability revisited discussing paint colour warranties memo 126 Feb 2017
LRVs reprised paint reflectance values memo 125 Nov 2016
could do better! impact of water and UV light on exterior timber clear finishes memo 124 Aug 2016
turn on the night light discussing photoluminescence memo 123 May 2016
paint exposed measuring the weather resistance of paints memo 122 Feb 2016
game, set, match fundamentals of making a good paint memo 121 Nov 2015
power wash how best to wash dirty surfaces memo 120 Aug 2015
melting moments intumescent paints memo 118 Feb 2015
absorbing stuff! absorption properties of paint memo 117 Nov 2014
6 shades of grey enhancing the hiding of coloured topcoats with grey memo 116 Aug 2014
a mine of information paint layers and successful repainting memo 115 May 2014
the good oil treatment and finishing of wood with oils memo 114 Jan 2014
allergens in decorative paint how paint can impact allergies memo 113 Nov 2013
by a nose modern low odour waterborne paints from Resene memo 112 Aug 2013
glaringly obvious the ‘glare’ properties of a colour memo 111 May 2013
50 shades of !!! discussing pigment technology in paint memo 110 Feb 2013
another reprise - colour durability paint and colour durability memo 109 Nov 2012
touché difficulties of touching up a painted surface memo 108 Aug 2012
the art of coarse painting (revisited) choosing the correct paint roller memo 107 May 2012
bleeding trees preventing timber stains memo 106 Feb 2012
little red hiding good differences between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ hiding memo 105 Oct 2011
a stitch in time paint degradation and durability memo 104 Sep 2011
paint vintage how long paint lasts in the can memo 103 Jun 2011
radical photocatalytic activity of paint memo 102 Mar 2011
less is more – yeah right! paint quality memo 101 Nov 2010
coloured oddments colour space memo 100 Sep 2010
the unfolding story of sustainability renewable paint binders memo 99 Jun 2010
next to godliness use of paints as bactericidal surfaces memo 98 Mar 2010
get 'em off! determining sound surfaces for repainting memo 97 Nov 2009
sun strokes interactions between the sun's rays and paint memo 96 Sep 2009
natural is good, synthetic is bad - yeah right! (or a rationalist’s rant) the benefits of synthetic products memo 95 Jun 2009
any colour as long as it’s green non-VOC tinters memo 94 Mar 2009
natural but not naked preventing the aging of wood and concrete surfaces memo 93 Nov 2008
slips slip resistance of coatings memo 92 Sep 2008
the devil - is in the detail differences between primers, sealers and undercoats memo 91 May 2008
in the valley of the blind sustainability and VOCs memo 90 Feb 2008
epoxies can be cured when does a paint achieve full cure? memo 89 Nov 2007
bread and butter how much paint do I really need? memo 88 Sep 2007
on reflection light reflectance values and paint memo 87 May 2007
spaced out Resene's colour codes memo 86 Feb 2007
hard cell bacteriostatic paints memo 85 Nov 2006
really strong colours paint tinting systems memo 84 Sep 2006
prima facie well designed systems approach to painting memo 83 May 2006
want a good raincoat - tough!! Resene X-200 memo 82 Feb 2006
very 'orrible chemicals? volatile organic compounds (VOC's) memo 81 Aug 2005
how green is green NZ Environmental Choice Criteria memo 80 Jun 2005
generic specifying differences engineered into paint memo 79 Feb 2005
cool eh infra-red reflecting pigments memo 78 Nov 2004
timberrr!! coatings for timber memo 77 Sep 2004
clearly concrete clear coatings for concrete memo 76 Jun 2004
fit for purpose durability of paint systems memo 75 Feb 2004
point of sale tinting systems importance of colour in the buying or specifying decision - 2004
out damned spot! soiling resistance of paints memo 74 Nov 2003
the amazing technicoloured dream coat insulating and paint memo 73 Sep 2003
leaky buildings the role of paint coatings memo 72 May 2003
weatherbeaten? protecting paint films memo 71 Nov 2002
hot topic preventing damage from hot substrates memo 70 Sep 2002
ventilation? no sweat ventilation and painting memo 69 Feb 2002
the art of formulating colour creating paint colours memo 68 Nov 2001
au natural protecting timber from UV memo 67 Sep 2001
keen to stay green environmental choice program memo 66 May 2001
hydrophobicity... how repellent is it? long-term water repellency memo 65 Apr 2001
a pigment of the imagination Resene SpaceCote memo 64 Nov 2000
water water everywhere water-repellent paints memo 63 May 2000
cool coalescings painting in cool weather memo 62 Mar 2000
why 2K? reasons to use 2K Paints memo 61 Dec 1999
rough call - lightweight cladding and monolithic finishes lightweight cladding and monolithic finishes memo 60 Oct 1999
kiwi castles - or monolithic monsters? mimicking the monolithic appearance of masonry structures memo 59 Aug 1999
flowers of concrete - with a dash of lime preventing the efflorescence of concrete memo 58 May 1999
canopy coating coatings to protect canopy steelwork memo 57 Apr 1999
clones are people two! dealing with graffiti memo 56 Feb 1999
romancing the tone durability of colours memo 55 Dec 1998
the problem of life on paint films impact of mould on paint systems memo 54 Oct 1998
straight and true - the path to a perfect lining achieving blemish-free walls and ceilings memo 53 Aug 1998
humidity, temperature, water - waterworld ll effects of water and humidity on paintwork memo 52 Jun 1998
waterborne enamels - an oxymoron surely waterborne enamels memo 51 Apr 1998
painting elastomeric sealants - stretched to the limit painting elastomeric sealants memo 50 Feb 1998
colourful - colourfast paint fading and colorfastness memo 49
more on durability durability of paint coatings memo 47 Apr 1986
the ultimatt? Resene Zylone 20 memo 46 Aug 1986
the art of coarse painting methods of applying paint memo 45 Jun 1985
does your paint breathe? yes - quite deeply when it gets excited! breathability of paint films memo 44 Apr 1985
latex what? what is the difference between a latex and an acrylic paint? memo 43 Mar 1985
in at the deep end painting and repainting swimming pools memo 42 Nov 1984
graffiti problems - clones are people two! graffiti removal memo 41 Oct 1984
coating guarantees coating performance guarantees memo 40 Sep 1984
improving the surface durability of timber - it goes against the grain improving the surface durability of timber memo 37 Jun 1984
clear timber finishes - now is that perfectly clear? protecting exterior timber surfaces memo 36 May 1984
colour and durability durability of paint memo 35 Apr 1984
rust revisited mastic coatings for the treatment of rusty steel memo 34 Feb 1984
varnishes or the oil on urethanes interior clear varnishes memo 33a Dec 1983
etch primers development of etch primers memo 33 Oct 1983
Resene Quick Dry - acrylic/primer undercoat acrylic wood primers memo 32 Sep 1983
condition of substrate - for exterior timber painting exterior timber substrates memo 31 Aug 1983
applied finishes for timber - exterior situations in New Zealand painting exterior timber in New Zealand memo 30 July 1983
alkyd v. acrylic ll overcoating of old alkyd systems with acrylics memo 29 Jun 1983
alkyd v. acrylic alkyd and acrylic based paints memo 28 Feb 1983
Resene paints in fire situations early fire hazard testing of paints memo 26 Mar 1983
fire and the paint industry flammability testing and ratings of paint memo 25 Feb 1983
surface preparation - smoke damaged surfaces preparation of smoke damaged surfaces for painting memo 24 Dec 1982
surface preparation - interior wall linings interior wall linings memo 23 Nov 1982
surface preparation - cementitious surfaces preparing cementitious surfaces for painting memo 22 Oct 1982
surface preparation - timber including reconstituted products surface preparation for timber memo 21 Sep 1982
coloured undercoats - they do make a difference coloured undercoats memo 18 May 1982
specifying for interior painting do's and don'ts of interior painting memo 17 Apr 1982
sensational colour perception of colour and Resene Testpots memo 16 Mar 1982
Resene X-200 - acrylic waterproofing membrane Resene X-200 memo 15 Feb 1982
why semi-gloss enamels? latest technology in semi-gloss enamels memo 14 Nov 1981
another paint failure causes of paint failure memo 13 Sep 1981
the problems with colour selection Resene Testpots memo 12 Aug 1981
the problem of life on paint films removing mould and fungi from paintwork memo 11 July 1981
Colorwood stain - its development and uses the development and uses of colorwood stains memo 9 May 1981
painting concrete surfaces - specialised products for specialised jobs specialised products for painting concrete surfaces memo 8 Apr 1981
painting concrete surfaces benefits of painting concrete surfaces memo 7 Mar 1981
a new polyurethane paving paint Resene Sidewalk Polyurethane paving paint memo 6 Feb 1981
acrylic roof paints for galvanised steel decorative finishing coats memo 4 Oct 1980
the origins of standard colours announcing the latest British Standard Colour Range memo 3 Sep 1980
corrosion prevention of galvanised steel preventing the corrosion of galvanised steel memo 2 Aug 1980

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