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How to make your own paper flag bunting

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Oh, the evergreen appeal of bunting! There are many different styles and ways to make bunting, but this paper flag version is one of our favourites. The colour combo of grey-blues with a pop of yellow is eye-catching and fun.

Make paper flag bunting for your kids rooms

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  1. Using the ruler and pencil, mark out triangles (all the same size) on the cardboard – at least 10. Cut out with the scissors. 
  2. Paint the flags using the Resene testpots, and leave them to dry.
  3. Finish the top of each flag with washi tape, or paint designs using contrasting testpot colours. 
  4. Using the hole punch, create holes on each side of the flags. 
  5. Arrange your flags into your favourite colour order. String the twine through the holes as below, and tie up. Perfect for kid's bedrooms or play rooms!

Top tip: Use leftover pieces of Resene Wallpaper to add pattern to your flags. Simply make some out of wallpaper stuck onto cardboard and some out of paint, then mix them up when you arrange your flags. If you don’t have any leftover wallpaper, you can buy small lengths of wallpaper at your Resene ColorShop.

Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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