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How to wallpaper...

From the Resene paint and decorating problem solver

On a roll... measuring, cutting and hanging wallpaper

Wallpapering is a popular way of achieving different textural and patterned effects to add character to rooms. The ever-increasing variety of wallpaper textures, patterns and colourways makes it easy to add a new element into your home. As with most projects, it pays to know what you’re doing before you start. A quick guide for wallpapering follows – check with Resene ColorShop staff if you need any more information before you start the work.

Papering checklist

You will need: bucket, ladder, layout brush, paper smoother, pater tiger stripper, paste brush, plumb bob, scissors, size, snap knife, sponge, stripping knife, sugar soap, trim guide, wallpaper paste, wallpaper trough.

Paint trim first
Paint the trim first to avoid damaging the new wallpaper
Clean with sugar soap
Use Sugar Soap to clean the painted surfaces
Remove flaking or peeling paint
Remove flaking or peeling paint
Fill holes
Fill any holes with a plaster filler
Size the walls
Coat the walls with wall size to give a better surface

Inside corners should be hung in two pieces. Measure top and bottom from the edge of the last length hung into the corner. Take the largest distance and add 15mm. Transfer this measurement to the length of paper to be hung, cut at this measurement and hang. This will allow 15mm to return onto the next wall.

Wallpapering inside corners

Measure the piece of wallpaper that is left and make a new vertical line at this measurement from the corner in the direction you are going. Hang the second length of paper to this plumb line, working from the plumb line back into the corner overlapping the 15mm from the first length.

In corners where vinyl laps vinyl, use a special vinyl to vinyl adhesive such as Metylan Border Adhesive. Wallpaper will remain workable for approximately 10-15 minutes after soaking or pasting, so take your time to get the strip into the right position and well smoothed before moving onto the next strip. Always strike a new vertical line on each wall.

To hang around doors and windows it is best to hang the full strip of wallpaper so it overlaps the frame and smooth it into place to the edge of the door or window frame. Diagonally cut the wallpaper to the corners of the door or window frame so that the wallpaper is lying smoothly against the wall. Trim the excess off around the frame using a straight edged knife.

Switches and powerpoints may be neatly wallpapered by hanging the strip of wallpaper so it covers the unit. Mark the four corners of the switch using a pencil and connect these together to establish the outline. Lift the paper and using scissors cut from the centre of the area outwards. Working one side at a time, push the flap over the edge of the unit, smooth down and trim off excess.

Switch off power at mains before working around electrical fittings.

Hanging wallpaper around windows and doors
To hang around doors, overlap the full strip,cut, smooth it into place and trim

Hanging wallpaper around switches and powerpoints
Cover switches and powerpoints and cut from the center outwards

Papering around fittings and trim
Make diagonal cuts into the corners when papering around fittings and trim

International wallpaper symbols:

No match No match Straight match Straight match
Half drop match Half drop match Distance between repeat Distance between repeat / Distance offset
Direction of hanging Direction of hanging Reverse alternate lengths Reverse alternate lengths
Spongable Spongeable Washable Washable
Super washable Super-washable Scrubble Scrubbable
Sufficient light fastness Sufficient light fastness Good light fastness Good light fastness
Strippable Strippable Peelable Peelable
Pre pasted Pre-pasted Paste the wall Paste the wall
Paste the paper Paste the paper    

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