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Make your own colourful arrow art

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Grab some popsicle sticks and Resene testpots and make this trendy arrow art for the kids’ room. Get the kids involved to show them how fun and easy DIY can be.

Make an iceblock stick arrow for your kids wall
Colourful arrow art

You will need


  1. Place the popsicle sticks with some overlapping each other. Use the picture as a guide.
  2. Once you have the pattern worked out, paint the popsicle sticks using the Resene testpots.
  3. Once dry, use the super glue to stick the pieces together to form the arrow.
  4. Once the adhesive is completely dry, hang the arrow up on the wall using Blu Tack® or small nails.

Supplies you will need
Materials required

Step 1
Step one

Step 2
Step two

Step 3
Step three

Top tip:  You can rearrange the popsicle sticks in any shape you like – from mini houses to snowflakes – to suit your child’s tastes or your theme. For added fun paint some of the sticks in Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint so they will softly glow at night once the lights go out.

Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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