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Once upon a time, the palette for children’s bedrooms was focused on pink for girls, blue for boys or decidedly gender neutral colours like red, yellow or green. Luckily, today’s kids are able to draw from a much larger source of inspiration and colour choices for their bedrooms and play spaces. Greater internet exposure means even quite young children often have very clear ideas about what they do and don’t like - favourite colours, hobbies, interests, video, book and movie characters can all give shape to a room of their dreams. By looking to these sources of inspiration, you can be sure your children will love their rooms just that much more if they’ve had a hand in coming up with the design.

A child’s room is also a great chance to really play with colour and try out some design ideas you might not feel bold enough to attempt in your living room or kitchen. Now’s your chance to take a cue from your child and allow yourself the freedom to get messy and be as creative as you'd like!

Happy decorating!

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Kids' spaces

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On theme - Kids room themes

On theme

If you’re going to go all-out in imagining a fun space that your kids will truly embrace as their own, deciding on a theme is a great place to start. Brainstorm with your child to help focus on one or two of their favourite things that could be combined together, or even get them to draw what their dream bedroom looks like... more

Shape up - bold geometric paint designs

Shape up

Bold geometric shapes are a popular way to add colour without going overboard and can add real flair to a child’s room with little effort. Bold stripes, triangles, chevrons and squares are all easy to create with just a bit of masking tape. It’s a look that’s simple enough that older children may even want to try... more

Head space - painted headboards

Head space

Headboards can be an expensive addition to a room, particularly if there are multiple beds to accommodate. A cost-effective and clever way to add headboards - and a bit of extra colour - to any room is to paint them in. Plus, it’s quick and easy to repaint a headboard if your child outgrows their bed or you are updating to a new room look... more

Made for sharing - shared kids' rooms

Made for sharing

Decorating a shared children’s room can be tricky as those sharing the room are bound to have different ideas about how it should look. Search for some common ground between the two – a theme, colour or object that both kids love – and use this as your starting point... more

Older and bolder - rooms for teens

Older and bolder

At some point, almost every teenager thinks they want a black bedroom. If that feels like a step too far, there are plenty of ways to come up with cool compromises. Try a moody dark in charcoal, aubergine or green, such as Resene Mine Shaft, Resene Plum or Resene Deep Teal, or go for bold and unexpected colour combinations... more

Heads down - making study spaces

Heads down

Making space to study and create is increasingly important in every home. When it comes to kids, it’s extra important that the space is an inviting and stimulating place to be. Remember it’s not just for homework – it can be a space for reading, listening to music, drawing and writing as well... more

Nursery times - decorating a nursery

Nursery times

When you’re thinking about decorating a nursery it’s generally a very exciting time in your life – so let your imagination run wild. Gone are the days when we felt confined to strict colour-codes for baby girls and baby boys so free yourself up and opt for a palette of your favourite colours... more

Party time - decorating for kids birthdays

Party time

Each child looks forward to their birthday celebration all year long, and every parent wants to do what they can to make it memorable. However, throwing a party to commemorate their special day can be both tricky and expensive. Coordinating it all can be a lot to manage, too – particularly while trying to corral a troop of little ones at the same time... more

Project play - easy DIY projects

Project play

These quick DIY projects can add a touch of fun to any room and you can even get the kids to help! Cross-stitch tree, tic tac toe, fire engine drawers, cactus cuties... more

Paint the rainbow - choosing colours with kids

Paint the rainbow

If you’re stuck for a place to start when it comes to choosing colours with your kids, have a look at the Resene KidzColour collection – a range of shades in every colour of the rainbow, with a few metallics for good measure... more

Contributing stylists: Kate Alexander, Greer Clayton, Megan Harrison-Turner, Claudia Kozub, Vanessa Nouwens, Emily Somerville-Ryan, Leigh Stockton, LeeAnn Yare.

Contributing photographers: Bryce Carleton, Wendy Fenwick, Melanie Jenkins, Mike Rooke, Zoe Hembury.

Special thanks to Your Home & Garden magazine for use of many of the images and information in this booklet.


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