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Easy DIY: Desk organiser

Make a desk tidy

Messy desk, messy life, so they say. Even if you disagree with the sentiment, there’s something calming about having an organised desk that lets you concentrate on being productive on the work that matters. Keep your desktop clutter free with this clever DIY desk organiser. We’ve used a green/blue paint palette, but feel free to get creative with colours that you love.

You will need: Timber base, batten lengths to fit across the base, liquid nails, Resene testpots in Resene Elephant, Resene Dali, Resene Rolling Fog, Resene Riptide and Resene Fringy Flower, Resene roller and tray, masking tape (optional, for patterns).

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Step by step instructions

Step 1
Step one
Paint the timber base in Resene Elephant, and leave to dry.
Step 2
Step two
Paint the batten lengths in a different colour using the Resene testpots. Leave to dry.
Step 3
Step three
Apply a layer of liquid nails to each batten length and fix to the base, with equal spacing between each.
Step 4
Step four
We used masking tape to create a pattern to the front of ours, tying all the colours together.
Step 5
Step five
Use the desk organiser to store pens, your mobile, notes and even your diary, and enjoy your new found organised life.

Styling/Project by Leigh Stockton

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