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Resene concrete colours

Regional and special colour palettes

Keen to keep the colour of natural concrete but with the full protection of a paint finish? We have curated together a selection of Resene colours that best match natural concrete colours to help you quickly find a colour that will enhance your concrete finishes, while keeping true to the original colour. To order a sample colour/s, click on drawdown or testpot.

Resene Triple Athens Grey

Drawdown | Testpot

Resene Traffic

(non-skid or solid)

Drawdown | Testpot

If preferred, most concrete can be finished in a clear Resene finish. This helps to protect the surface making it easier to clean, while allowing for a natural concrete look.

Popular options are:

Over concrete block

Resene XC-700 (Clear weathertight membrane)

Resene XC-700 is a clear high build acrylic with a very natural flat dry finish. It contains transparent glass beads, which serve the same purpose as the fibre in Resene X-200 high build paint) for a natural look finish over concrete blocks.

Resene XC-700 on concrete blockwork
Resene XC-700 clear over blockwork

XC-700 also comes with a 10yr weathertight warranty (if requested) when the XC-700 system is specified and applied over concrete block, providing a suitably qualified Resene employee writes the specification, the correct documentation is filled in, and three site visits are undertaken during the preparation and application process by Resene personal.

Over reinforced/precast concrete

Resene Uracryl series (clear two pack acrylic urethane)

While pre-cast or reinforced insitu concrete may be left unpainted, a finish is recommended to:

  1. Slow down the naturally occurring carbonation process (thru minimising the rate of vapour and Co2 diffusion within the concrete), which in turn protects the reinforcing from corrosion.

  2. Provide for an anti-graffiti system in high risk areas.

  3. Ensure the surface appearance of the concrete remains the same in all weather conditions (always looks dry or wet depending on system specified).

  4. Minimise mould growth and improve cleanability.

  5. Maintain the new look of the concrete for many years.

Resene Concrete Clear over tilt slab

Resene Uracryl 402 over tilt slab

Resene Concrete Clear

Another option for Pre-cast Concrete (excluding exterior blockwork) is to use Resene Concrete Clear, a single pack waterborne urethane available in a flat, semi and gloss finish.

For an anti-graffiti finish, use Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield.

Resene Concrete Clear Flat
Resene Concrete Clear Flat

Over a painted finish

If you are using bright colours for your project, such as retail branding colours, or hues like bright reds, oranges, yellows and blues, Resene Clearcoat UVS will help to filter out UV light improving the longevity of the colour coats.

Resene Aquapel

Resene Aquapel is an invisible (hybrid oligomeric siloxane) treatment (not a film forming coating) that penetrates deep within the concrete/masonry or brick and prevents water penetrating the wall, yet maintains a dry look, while allowing any moisture within the concrete etc to pass harmlessly through in vapour form (high breathable) yet is impervious to water in a liquid form. This product can also at a later date be either overpainted with a clear urethane or acrylic/solvent paint.

See video of Resene Aquapel in use.

If you do want to paint over Aquapel either immediately or some later date, but want to maintain the breathability of the product, topcoat with Resene AquaShield, a highly breathable finish that sheds water and comes in a flat mineral finish in a range of colours.

Resene Aquapel on concrete block
The right side of this concrete block wall has been treated with Resene Aquapel. When hosing down the wall with water you can see how the section coated with Resene Aquapel has repelled water while the untreated section has absorbed water.

Resene Aquapel on concrete block 2

Resene Aquapel on concrete block 3

Water beading off a surface treated with Resene Aquapel while being absorbed in untreated blocks. Resene Aquapel will continue to repel water for upwards of ten years depending on exposure.

These colours are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Resene regional and special colour palettes
As well as all the normal colour charts we release, Resene also has the ability to make and display custom colour palettes too.

View all palettes


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.

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