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How to make a glow in the dark wall

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Create a glow in the dark galaxy wall

Ditch the nightlight for a glow in the dark galaxy wall – the kids will love it! The moons are painted on the wall using Resene FX Nightlight from the Resene Special Effects range, and will delight the young astronaut in your family.

You will need: Resene testpots in Resene Alabaster and Resene Blue Lagoon, Resene FX Nightlight, cardboard and scissors, masking tape, paint brushes.

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Step by step instructions

Step 1
Step one
Trace a circle in the middle of the cardboard (we used a round plate as the outline). Cut the cardboard in half, as well as the circle from each half. Tape the pieces back together. This creates the moon template.
Step 2
Step two
Using the masking tape, attach the cardboard to the wall, and roughly paint inside the circle with Resene Blue Lagoon. Leave to dry.
Step 3
Step three
Repeat, using Resene Alabaster. The lighter the background, the brighter the moon will glow. Leave to dry.
Step 4
Step four
Touch up with Resene Blue Lagoon to create a crater effect. We also painted two other moons, using Resene Sunshade and Resene Juniper as the crater colours.
Step 5
Step five
Once dry, apply the Resene FX Nightlight. For the best result, apply three coats, leaving 45-60 minutes between coats.
Step 6
Step six
Leave it to 'charge' in UV light during the day. When the lights flick off at night, then your marvelous galaxy wall will appear!
As the night continues the glow will slowly soften.

Styling/Project by Leigh Stockton

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