b'bathroomResene Jordy Blueblues the bestSoothing blue transforms a boys bathroom. I t may seem clichd to match boys with blue and girls with pink but when it came to deciding the colour for the bathroom her sons share, Cara Elliott wanted something fresh and welcoming. The existing bathroom of the early 1970s house was all white, and like a chilly bin. On the south side of the house, it needed some colour to lift it. It needed to be fresh and fun, and a more inviting room.The colour for the room was actually inspired by the frame of a large mirror rather than the gender of her children. Previously used downstairs, interior designer Anna Cuthbert suggested that Cara relocate the mirror to the bathroom. The distressed effect of the frame has a mix of silver, green and blue colours so Anna pulled out Resene Jordy Blue as a complement to use on the walls of the bathroom. Its a lovely warm blue, says Anna. Resene Jordy Blue was also extended through to the adjacent separate toilet and into Aidans bedroom for a more cohesive look. Trims and ceilings are finished in Resene Alabaster for a fresh complement.ReseneAlabaster78'