b'So you love the colour blue. In fact, many oftheclothesyouwearareblueand youve just painted your bedroom a soothing pewter blue. Your home is a peaceful haven of creams and stone shades and, yes, you tend to wear white shirts with khaki trousers. Apparently the colours we like will turn up on our walls, and in our wardrobes. Theresalotoftruthinthepremiseyou arewhatyouwear,accordingtostylist Angela Stone of Styleyou. She believes that if a person is in tune with their own personal colourspectrum,chancesaretheirdress sense will reflect the colours on their walls of their home and vice versa. Itsquiteamazing.Iwalkintopeoples homes, especially their bedroomsas thats where they keep their wardrobesand I think without them even consciously being aware of it, the colours they have in their bedroom are usually 99% of what they are, or shouldArchitect John Millsour perception of space. Every time you put be, wearing. Theres a very intuitive processAmong the Wellington design fraternity,a different colour in a room, you think of that takes place when people get dressed orblackclothingisalmostuniformgarb.what it reminds you of; it has associations. add colour to their homes. Butaward-winningWellingtonarchitectFor John, intense colours remind him of his ThoughAngelaseesthisrelationshipmostJohn Mills is not afraid to stand out in pinktravels to India when he was young. vividlyinpeoplesbedrooms,shealsoseesshirts or colourful patterns. My look isWalls in his own home incorporate a base of it throughout the rest of their home in theirquite eclectic, he says, depending onhand-made plaster where the trowel marks walls, rugs, cushions and art. Which is why shemy mood.are visible and there are many hues, though suggests people look at the colours aroundHowever, its the weave, the textures andnever more than two or three in one room. them when making clothing choices.tailoreddesigndetailthatinterestshimHere,heisphotographedagainstResene most. Ive bought a few shirts recentlySpotlight (yellow) and Resene Christi (green). Fashionoftendictateswhatpeoplewear,where one cuff is different from the other. butwhenpeopleareconfident,differentA living area is painted in Resene Ashanti, a I like tailored details, the different waysclear soft sky bluethe sort you get on an personalities tend to override the popularitybuttons can work and things like that.vote, which gives some of us a strong senseautumn day if you use your imagination or of individuality.Anditsthesameforhisarchitectureyouve just had the right cocktail, says John, whereheseizeseveryopportunitytoyou can look outside and the walls of the Habitat has taken a peek inside the wardrobesexplore the powerful effect colour, texturelounge just disappear. The ceilings replace of some distinctive dressers to see how theirand detail can have on our lives. John likesthe sky as your blue.dress sense relates to their walls.the way colour has the ability to changeReseneSpotlightFoodie Peta Mathias mood.Ifitwereabiggerhouse,ImightIn the Langue dOc where I live in France Well-knownforhervibrant,sometimeshaveindulgedmyselfmore.Instead,shesix months of the year, its very chic. There wardrobes outrageous dress sense, its a surprise thataccessorises her house in colour; a pink sofa,are lots of white houses decorated in dove foodiePetaMathiashaschosentopaintchandeliers and big bunches of peonies.grey, biscuit and off-white.most of the walls of her tiny Auckland villaPeta travels extensively and is just back fromColour even surfaces in her book, Beat Till white.Inthehurlyburlyofherlife,shea tour to launch her latest book. WhereverStiff, which is all about lifes transformations sayswhiteisrestful.Heroneconcessionshegoes,sheiscaptivatedbyhues:theandinwhichsheunravelsatalearound to colour is her hall, painted her favouriteshocking pinks, the cobalt blues and thethe history, the mystery and power of red colour yellow.bright oranges in places like Morocco andametaphorloadedwithconnotation Colour makes you so happy. It alters yourIndia.for this flamboyant red-head.ReseneMerino35'