b'Valley trays in concrete tile roofs are the galvanised iron drainsto work its way into places it shouldnt be. If you live near trees, you between different roof angles. If these are not wide enough theyneed to clear gutters at least once a year, and if its a flowering tree, can block with leaves and overflow sideways. If this is the case, keepafter the flowers have shed as well. While this is definitely a job a them clear but also consider getting them replaced as part of a longhandyperson can attempt on a single storey house, you must follow term upgrading programme. ladder safety precautions and turn off the electricity to the house. If the concrete ridgeline holding the top row of tiles in place hasDo not under any circumstances attempt to work around live wires, broken down, get this replaced by a concrete plasterer and thenor on a wet roof. reposition the tiles.Buy a gutter-shaped shovel from a hardware shop.Shovel either from the ladder or from the roof depending on pitch. Older iron roofs were nailed, not screwed, so nails can rust or work loose over time. If your roof is not too steep or high, it pays to replaceDo not over reach.loose nails with roofing screws, and patch over the top of these.Consider protecting gutters with an appropriate grill or guardReplace roof areas where there are cracks, holes or severe corrosion. system. Apply two coats of Resene Summit Roof, priming where required wherebareironhasbeenexposed.EnsureanyrustistreatedCladding refer to your local Resene ColorShop for advice. For maximumAll houses, whether they be weatherboard, plaster, concrete or fibre protection, especially if the roof is in close proximity to the sea orcement, require regular washing, sanding and repainting. As with all harsh environmental conditions, prime with a specialist roof primer,decorating jobs, the longevity and look of the final job depends on such as Resene Galvo One or Resene Galvo-Prime. Resene Galvothe care and time put into the preparation, and the use of correct One is recommended for badly weathered or very exposed roofing. products and technique. A well painted house should not need repainting for 10 yearsGutters although homes near the sea may need more frequent attention. Blocked gutters and overflowing downpipes are conduits for waterThe need to repaint is dependent on exposure and how well yourenovatethe right wayGet the technical know-how on renovation with the new BRANZ Renovate series. Thisve part series details everything you need to renovate houses from different eras. With crystal clear drawings highlighting typical construction methods, these books are an essential industry resource.Get Parts 1-4 as a set for only $160(+$8 p&p) , or buy individually for $49.95 each(+$8 p&p) . Part 5 (1970s)coming soon!Purchase today from www.branz.co.nz or call 0800 80 80 50 (press 2).www.renovate.org.nz'