b'feature house88 20Cover look contentsResene Blackboard Paint is layered over Resene Magnetic Magic for a striking and practical walldraw on it, attach noticesfeaturesto it. The lower wall is Resene Lickety Split and the desk top is Resene Half Alabaster. Resene8testpotsstencils are painted in ReseneSheer magic with Resene wood stainsMagic Carpet (bug), Resene Bright Spark (monkey), Resene Wham (frog) and Resene Tutti20take it slowFrutti (apple). The floor is ReseneA renovation that responds to the economic timesSmiles and the Boardman & Co chair is Resene Dreamer. The32catwalk of curtainsGreen Spot lamp shade and Hugos Herd cushion are fromThe new Resene Curtain CollectionPatersonrose, boxets and hedgehog are from Nature Baby,34walls & wardrobesmodelEden Grundyand Lancet Touch lamp base fromDoes your choice of clothes inspire your interiors?chalk illustrationPippa FayLighting Plus. photographyTony BrownjohnResene Kandinsky 38growing upLatest looks and trends for childrens rooms50back to the futureThis house turns 21 and keeps its riotous colour scheme64colour crazeBold colour is the perfect match for a Kapiti bach72seeing redA vibrant kitchen is a striking centrepiece78blue is bestA classic colour choice for a boys bathroom84top hitsYour most popular Habitat of the Week features88turning japaneseOriental flavours and hot red transform this tricky garden50'