b'feature gardenturning japaneseSplashes of red and a black house are perfectingredients for an oriental style garden. T here was no debate when it came to the starting point for landscape designer Lyndell Shannons garden on a sloping valleysiteonAucklandsNorthShore.Straightaway,sheseized on the architecture of her 1970s cedar-clad homeIm sure the architect had a Japanese intentionto form her clear vision for an oriental theme. In her minds-eye she pictured a traditional Japanese scene with the vibrant red gate or archway juxtaposed against black buildings and pink cherry blossoms in flower. The previous owners had obviously not been so inspired. They had struggled with conditions that switch in some areas from ultra-dry to permanently wet. But that didnt faze this talented designer and plants woman. Gardens are always about choosing the right plant for the conditions. Its being aware of shape, proportion, texture and putting plants that like the same sort of situations together. Theres a rightness to it, she says.ReseneFlourish'