b'tips and tricksA childs bedroom ismuch more sophisticated than in years gone by. Its not childish, but it is playful.Weareallattractedtocertaincoloursforphysiologicaland psychological reasons. Children intuitively choose colours that make them feel good.Says Meg McMillan of linen company Tea Pea: A childs bedroom is now treated as a stylish part of the rest of the house, and is thereforeAboveBaby Maisie had a very special room to arrive in. Not much more sophisticated than in years gone by. Its not childish, butonly did dad Adam build her a bookcase and change table, it is playful.painted in Resene White but mum Kate painted the treeon to the Resene Mint Julep walls by projecting an outline Strong colour is big in childrens rooms whether its on the walls orimage onto the wall to sketch. Its painted in Resene White, painted on furniture. Shell Finderup of Room Design has created girlswith detail in pink Resene Paper Doll testpots. The skirting rooms featuring raspberry red or tangerine with hot pink. Lisa Roseboards and doors are Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta. Kate of Patersonrose says that current colours are fresh and crisp with a lotrecovered the lamp shade and sewed bunting flags with fabric from Spotlight and Boltofcloth.com. The cane bassinet of aquas and pinks against a white background. Navy and red remainis a family heirloom, repainted in Resene White and fitted popular for boys, but Meg McMillan says silver, grey and yellow arewith muslin drapes by Maisies nana. strong contenders. Resene has some lovely clear colours, she says. For babies, Shell says Resenes Limerick, a lime green, looks beautiful. And she predicts purple is a colour well be seeing a lot more of in theResene Resenefuture. Paper Doll WhiteResene ReseneKandinsky Mint Julep40'