b'touches of garden colour enhance this schemeKerry McComish of Online Interiors suggests this alternative scheme:Apart from the obvious, bedrooms are all about making a personal statement. The possibilities are endless. Here, I wanted to show how easy it is to create a timeless classical look within a modern space by selecting a combination of curves and straight lines, sumptuous textures, strong colour and mood lighting. The white shutters provide privacy, yet also allow a view of the garden. Green accents with a botanical theme fabric echoes the outdoor colour palette and extends the perception of space. The key to this scheme is the rich wall colour, Resene Double Mondo, which provides a striking contrast to the white shutters and the crisp white bed linen. Most of all it provides a luxurious, intimate mood when its time to shut out the world and turn on the bedside lamps. mobile 021 240 5356 emailkerry@onlineinteriors.co.nzReseneDouble Mondo Countrywoods Shutters in white Luxaflexwww.luxaflex.co.nz Four Clove silver mirrorAmazing Interiorswww.amazinginteriors.co.nzResene D2067 chandelier in bronze WhiteoutResene Amazing InteriorsKombiwww.amazinginteriors.co.nzResene Ipanemaillustration Resene Malcolm White DaydreamEton armchair in Fellam Natural stripe, with green taffeta cushionAmazing Interiorswww.amazinginteriors.co.nzEcodure Oak flooring in NaturalBamboo Flooring Systemswww.oak-flooring.co.nz57'