b'213Step 4Place a drawing pin in theCcentre of the lower V about 1cm from the Mframe.MakeanotherVintheopposite4 Ydirection as shown and place drawing pins in the centre of the X and in the lowerCMcorners. Take the last piece of tape and MYplace it along the halfway line, covering therawedgesoftheothertape.PlaceCYdrawing pins 1cm away from the edge ofCMYthe frame and in the centre to secure theKtapes.Step 5Glue the narrow ribbon to the inside edge of the frame with the glue gun. Its easiest to do a line of glue about 10cm long at a time, then lay the ribbon down and repeat. When complete, turn5over and insert the hooks about a third of the way down the side from the top. Threadpicturecordthroughthehooks and tie off, then hang on the wall with a picture hook.Step 6 Clean and dry a tin can (you canleavethelabelon)andpaintthe outside.Allowpainttodry,thendo another coat on the can and noticeboard frame. Glue the smaller rectangles onto the cans. For a second can, cut out some motifs from the remaining wallpaper and glue onto the painted can. 6ReseneReseneWet N WildDreamer'