b'Well haveWhat you needto knoWArtist Glenn Burrell skiing on skis made from paint. Resene Fuel YellowShane Walker, Managing Director Fowler Homes Manawatu LtdIf you are serious about building, focusing on a design to suit your section, want the right solutions, then we have the right tools and advice to help you.* If you already have a building site, makea time to visit us to discuss your build requirements and we will give you a warped and woeful picture frame. The office space undermines thecomprehensive FOWLER HOMES DESIGN nine-to-five job. As an artist you are trying to negate the workforce. +BUILD kit with tools you need such as:Sun-Angle toolIn another work, a skeleton is prone and crawling across the floor. ItMap compassis twisted and deflated, exuding a disturbing desperation. I like theArchitectural designers * Limited offer idea of putting life into an object. There is a void within the skeleton;scale rule FReethis has been a living object. It heightens the idea of absence andA3 tracing drawing sheets deSIGn + BuIld presence, says Glenn. compendiumGlenn is now working on semi-functional kinetic pieces, work that can be used for the original objects intended purposealbeit for a limited time. This phase Glenn has entitled Painting Expeditions and the sampling of the works is captured on film. The paint skis and boots are examples of this. The point of that idea was to use them until they broke apart, and I did get some glorious mileage out them, Glenn says happily. Glenn has also transformed himself into art: I had this tantalising thoughtwhats it like to be in a painting? Glenn found out by making a suit out of paint, which he wore to an exhibition of hisAll in a quality zipped compendium, complete work. At first it was stiff, but as the heat of my body warmed it, thewith handy calculator.skin softened to the contours of my body. Dont miss this opportunity and get to work with us designing your new home.Painting Expeditions will be at the Sarjeant Gallery in Wanganui in March 2012.Shane words Alexandra Johnsonpictures Don Hunter, Claire Burrell Walker, Man-aging Director Fowler TMHomes Manawatu Ltd.18- offices nationwide'