b"feature gardenFar leftThe bridge to the front door is now resplendentGet the look with in Resene Red Berry. Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour LeftLyndell pictured aexterior wood stain traditional Japanese scene withtinted to Resene the vibrant red gate orCrowsheadarchway juxtaposed against black buildings for her garden.ReseneReseneBelow leftVibrant shades ofGrapevine Black Sheep red and violet are perfect in this striking garden.Get the look with Resene Lumbersider tinted to ReseneRed BerryReseneAlthough it now looks so natural, the courtyard was originally aWhizz Banglong, skinny, slope going down to the house, where the trees had heaved the bricks every which way. It posed a challenge for Lyndell.Paving: Paradise StoneI couldnt deck it because it would be above the house floor level and there were drainage issues that needed to be resolved. There was quite a lot of design resolution in creating this space.To create the different levels with broad steps down into the courtyard and a haphazard path across sand, tonnes of schist-like ParadiseResene Stone were brought in from Whangarei.Double AshA timber bench along the back of the garage is scattered with bright red squabs that tone in with frothy red toothbrush flowers burstingPurple clematisfrom a pot of Poor Knights Lily nearby. When the lower deck wasDesigner:added, Lyndell says, it changed the proportions of the space andLyndell Shannon created a delightful private area for summer dining. On summeryGardens Realised 09 419 1910days, out come the stripey red canvas deck chairs and they eat at a table that Mick made out of old macrocarpa. ReseneA native comprosma virescens hedge creates an intriguing backdrop.GrapevineWiththeircharacteristictangledbranches,divaricatingplants look good in so many settingscoastal, traditional or tropical,Red Baron explains Lyndell.alstroemeriaAll restraint heads out the door in the sunniest, elevated part of the property. Lyndells a lot of everything garden is a haphazard mix of edibles and sun loversa wonderful blend of colour and texture. There are no rules, but it works. ReseneIts here that the purple-leaf pineapple lily mingles with orange mimulusRed Berryand Red Baron alstroemeria struggles to contain a wandering purple clematis rescued from the garden centre where Lyndell works. There areResene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColourgiant miscanthus grasses, dark red day lilies, pink fluffy meadowsweettinted to Resene Crowsheadflowers and tall yellow perennial thalictrum flavum. There are lots of flowers in this garden, she says, but theyre the icing on the cake. The other things give the garden its strength. By playing off the architecture and drawing on a simple yet striking colour theme, Lyndell enjoys the happy accidents which make thisturn the page for garden so captivating.alternative looks to wordsVicki Holder Resene Lyndell's courtyardpicturesSally Tagg Barely There 91"