b'a shot of red accents lush planting Landscape designer Erik Ellis suggests this alternative scheme:This courtyard has become a sheltered retreat for outdoor living surrounded by lush semi-tropicalplanting.ApergolawithadjustablelouvresfinishedinReseneNero provides shelter in all weathers, while a granite slab water feature is suspended over broken rocks. The water flows over the slab onto the rocks but the slab can also be used as extra table or seating space. Paradise Stone stepping stones provide a soft edge to the timber deck. Clean-lined timber furniture is finished in Resene Sheer Black from the Resene Woodsman exterior stains range, and furnished with red cushions matched to Resene Monza. The sustainable harvested decking timber is finished in Resene Furniture and Decking Oil for a soft natural finish. Black bamboo masks the far boundary fence. phone 03 326 6253 mobile0274 310 582 email erik@erikellis.co.nzReseneAyers RockClivia miniata ResenePuka (martyr sinclarii) AshResene MonzaResene Sheer BlackAdjustable louvre roofing system illustration VergolaResene Bruce Bryant www.vergola.co.nzMarathon Phoenix reclinata palmLancaster bench seat Kenneally Timberwww.kenneallytimber.co.nz93'