b'kitchenAppliances: Fisher & PaykelResene HalfWhite PointerFlooring:American OakClear finish timber flooring with Resene Qristal ClearFloorAboveThe kitchenhas direct access to Resenea sheltered outsideLone Rangercourtyard, floodedwith morning sun. RightPine plywoodArchitect:panels form the ceilingGavin Cooper,above the kitchen. 06 835 4899Protect timber surfaces with Resene Aquaclear waterborne urethane The kitchen is ergonomically designed with the wide, open layout andResenebig floor area making for a great working space. Its the first kitchenWhizz Bangweve had where the two of us can work in it and not get in each others way. When Im in another kitchen I feel like Im cooking in aGet the look with cubby hole, says Christine. Resene ArmourCatfor a tough kitchen The cabinets on the return bench float off the floor to give the areacabinetry finishan added sense of space and lightness. The timber bench top visually holds it in place by continuing in a waterfall effect at the end. This unit (along with the pine and glass cabinet) mark the transition fromReseneutility kitchen to dining area. PohutukawaThecoupleworkedwithGavinonthekitchendesignandthen further refined it with local kitchen maker Simon Molloy at KevinTimber benchtop: Molloy Joinery. Gavin had some great ideas and convinced us toAmerican Oakuse drawers for storage. However, we tweaked a few things like the depth of the benches. At one end of the kitchen, generous french doors lead out to a sheltered courtyard where a table and chairs are the perfect place forResene Halfbreakfast in the sun.Pearl LustaAside from the views from the living area and kitchen, the space is also flooded with light and sun through high windows. Says Christine:Get the look with Resene SpaceCote When we built the house we were not at all worried about it beingLow Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom tinted to Resene Blanctoo cold in winter, but rather too hot in summer. Strategically placed louvres help circulate cool air.Resene BlancTony and Christine are both keen gardeners and have planted their garden extensively with edible, exotic trees including sapote, chilean guava, tamarillo and cherimoya. The trees provide them with bountiful crops through the year, which Tony turns into jams and jellies in that wonderful red kitchen, to give away as gifts.Resenewords Belinda Henley Pohutukawapictures Tim Whittaker74'