b'testpotsBrickedinbluewithResene WaterborneWoodsmanstains inResenePickledBluewood, ResenePitchBlack,Resene LimedAsh,ReseneBleached Cedar (second row), and Resene Riverstone(thirdrow).Dune tray from Kartell; San Filipe jug, $29.90,andtumblers,$28.90 for four, from Corso de Fiori.ResenePitch BlackResene stylingPippa Fay, Lisa MortonBleached Cedar picturesTony BrownjohnResene woodwork and stainingPickled Bluewood Philippe MorinBe brave, change often; redefine your interior space using colour, texture and design thatReseneonly comes with wallpaper. Limed AshReseneRiverstoneDress your walls with Vision and make them as unique as you are - use our Paste the Wall collections and discover how easy wallpaper is to hang and remove.Click to our all new website at www.visionwalls.co.nz and discover wallpaperwww.visionwalls.co.nzinspiration, innovation and education. 0800 WALLPAPER 11'