b'colourful personMake everyskin-fullyroom a placeSome of Glenns for livingworks arecleverconfronting. He borrowed a with SKOPE wheelchair from a hospital and coated it withArtist Glenn Burrell layers paint skins 12 litres of paint. The result isto create weirdly familiar objects. a deformed wheelchair which sprawls on the ground. Picture this. A young man, who has never skied before, is teetering on the top of a snow-covered slope. On his feet are ski boots and skis made entirely of paint. ReseneFirst Light With a little thrust he pushes off and starts to slide down the mountain, the paint ski poles clutched in his hands wriggling behind him in the Resene breeze. Two rainbow trails of paint are left behind in his wake.MisoMeet Glenn Burrell, a young artist who has a discovered a unique purpose for many litres of Resene recycled paint. Glenn began making paint skin eight years ago when studying art at the Western Institute of Technology in New Plymouth. Tired of painting static images, he wanted to do something different. His creations are quirky, disturbing or laugh-out-loud funny.The method is painstaking and takes many months. With acrylic semi-gloss, Glenn paints an object, coating it repeatedly until it is swathed in a thick coating of paint skin.create Once dry, he peels off the skin and recreates the object to form a life-size replica. The result is a collapsed, structurally distorted mock-up of the original. I like the concept of transforming liquid into a 3D Silent, stylish, comfortableentity, says Glenn.home heating Apaintskinofficespaceisasardonicsnapshotofthemodern workplace, complete with a mutant computer, a coffee cup and a Freephone 0800 947 5673 www.skope.co.nz'