b'There was nothing else for it, the bridge and trims had to be red (Resene Red Berry)The lush and varied growth, with its bold, seasonal splashes of colour is testimony to her ability to get it just right. The original planting had lapsed into a confused muddle. Other than mature trees, there are only about three or four of the original plants that have survived, says Lyndell. Lyndell and partner Mick began the project by staining their house Resene CoolColour Crowshead, a black from the Resene Waterborne Woodsman exterior wood stains range. A wooden bridge to the front door was a dull brown. There was nothing else for it, the bridge and trims had to be red (Resene Red Berry), asserts Lyndell. We added a pond and a water feature beneath the bridge, because a bridge with water under it makes more sense. As you stand on the bridge and look down, surrounding the water are plants that like damp shady conditions, including acorus grass. Nearby, groups of clivia paint bold splashes of orange here and there. Most of the plants in this areaazaleas, camellias, maples and a toad lily with its variegated leafhave a connection with Japan. And in certain seasons, there are a lot of pink flowers among the foliage.Bordered by bromeliads, the Japanese effect becomes more diluted in the courtyard. Lyndell created this area in 2009 and it won Gold and Best Design for Small Projects at the National Landscapes of Distinction Awards in 2010.90'