b'colourReseneCeleryLeftA colourfully clad Robynin the least colourful room of her house, the kitchen with walls in Resene White and a door in Resene Atoll. BelowPurple-blue walls in Resene Chetwode Blue are a vibrant backdrop to furnishings in fresh greens. The legal researcher has owned the property for about 10 years, but has only recently moved into it to be near Peka Peka, where she is building an accommodation lodge. I originally bought this property to build the lodge; I wanted a view of the water, she says. But when she discovered the section was too small, she decided to give the cottage a lick of paint and rent it out.RobynenlistedthehelpofResenecolourconsultantCarolyn Atkinson and the women settled on an array of blues touched with lavender, cobalt and teal. The colours make the rooms stretch out to the sea and sky beyond, and make the bach seem bigger than it is. They are fabulous beach colours and a great base to introduce funky coloursin this instance, the introduction of lime green and cerise, says Robyn.She says while some renovators would not dream of putting these colours together, they work well. You have to be brave and a little out there. Im not one to hold back. I find the blues and greens soothing and reflective, but married with the lime green and cerise twist, they give the little bach some punch.Colour is what makes Robyn tick and she contributes that partly to her art. A mixed media artist, she describes herself as a hobbyist, despite once selling a piece at an art show for more than $1000.A couple of her works enliven the living room walls and the textured finishes and broad strokes of colour on canvas reflect the sea, stone and sand on the beach just a few metres away. Being under the sea is also a source of inspiration to Robyn, who counts one of her favourite hobbies as snorkelling. The colour and texture of the coral reefs are fabulous and very inspirational.Robyn has travelled extensively and draws on colourful places such as Mexico and Guatemala to inspire her decorating style. She believes monochromaticinteriordesignschemesareuninteresting.Iam certainly not a beige on beige girl. I find that look which has been around for some time boring, dull, safe and unimaginative. And they dont tell you anything about the person you are visiting.Robyn says she feels privileged to live in Paekakariki, waking up every morning to the views and experiencing the wonderful sunsets every evening. I feel like Im living on my own island resort. It really is like living in paradise. 66'