b'beforeTH11987 - 2012Rockcote Earthen natural clay plaster gives interior designers a unique and distinctive opportunity to add flair and character to existing or new projects. Earthen natural clay plaster offers many age old benefits in regulating both humidity and temperature and providinga hard, durable surface that can be repaired, re-surfaced or completely recycled.The textures that can be created are limited only by your imagination; from highly polished to matt and fibrous textures 2 for an authentic rustic appearance.Rockcote Earthen is available in a variety of colours from soft warm neutrals through to slate greens and vibrant terracotta reds. Choose from The Range Whites & Neutrals, part of the leading edge Resene Total Colour System, a series of colour tools favoured by colour professionals.www.rockcote.co.nz0800 50 70 40'