b'tips and tricksResene Tutti FruttiFar leftA desire for an orange bedroom had eight-year-old Alexanders mum frowning with concern until designer Debbie Abercrombie suggested a happy compromise by painting 30cm-wide stripes in Resene Meteor, Resene Lemoncello and Resene Milk White.LeftThis fun room has Resene Magnetic Magic underneath Resene Blackboard Paint, Resene stencils in various Resene colours, and accessories from Patersonrose (www.patersonrose.com).The lower wall is Resene Lickety Split, the floor is Resene Smiles and the chair is Resene Dreamer.BelowWhat kids wouldnt be thrilled to have a room like this? Its the work of Mark Balderston of Funky Features (www.funkyfeatures.co.nz), who specialises in customised rooms whether its a castle bed or a jungle scene complete with mural and bamboo thicket. The walls here are Resene Groovy with trims in Resene Half Spanish White and a ceiling in Resene French Pass. Pink for girls isbeing replaced with plum,violet and lilac. ReseneBanana SplitKirsten Bailey of Gorgi kids homeware and linen company says that the days of using pastels and safe neutrals are gone, as we now see morestimulatinginspirationalcoloursinchildrensspaces.Retro colours such as yellows and tangerines create dimension and interest. Nautical colours in varying shades of blue including turquoise, teal, royal blue are great gender-neutral choices combined with yellows and charcoal.Pink for girls is being replaced with plum, violet and lilac, says Kirsten. Romantic themes are still popular for girls with colours such as pink, light blue, lemon and pastels being used in floral patterns, dreamy blossom prints, birds and butterflies. Coloursthatsymbolisesustainabilityandnaturearebecoming more common with lime greens, off-whites and taupes balanced by reclaimed wood, ply and natural finishes. In todays homes, vintage is a huge trend, which is being carried through into childrens bedrooms. Vintage florals abound in pretty fabrics and beautiful bed-linen along with colours like old rose and faded blue. Strong retro looks for boys include a good selection of cowboy and transport prints in chocolate, yellow and orange. Then theres the whole techno, text talk theme for teens.Resene Buttery White 43'