b'editorialBE IN TO WIN! welcome juices flowing than Theres nothing quite like getting the creative when youre confronted with redecorating a childs room. In the rest A HOUSE LOT OF of the house, we might play it safe but faced with Timmys or Lilys room, suddenly the colour floodgates open, nostalgia and fantasy MARLEY STRATUStake flight. Well, thats until you consult the said child and find that they want DESIGN SERIESgreen, Resene Kermit, as my youngest son announced recently. Gentleguidanceintocolourslikethesophisticatedgrey/green Simply TXT STRATUS to 244Resene Linen (which Ive always loved) or the soft sagey Resene and youre in the draw toFlourish only met with a look that said, youre crazy, mum, theyre not proper greens. At first I considered painting just his shelves in WIN product to the retailResene Kermit but, what the heck, lets go the whole way. Youre value of $2000.* only eight once, and you have to at least admire the strength of his convictions. If your kids or grandkids are needing a new-look bedroom, we have plenty of colour inspiration and other ideas on page 38. And at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller youll find the Resene KidzColour range which is so vibrant and fun, youll want to paint your own bedroom in one of the shades. Then those colours might turn up in your clothingas we discovered when we went in search of some people known for their distinctive dress sense in our walls & wardrobes feature on page 34. We also have also discovered some extremely clever and colourful homes this issuesee pages 20, 50 and 64.Plentyofinspiration,plentyofideas,plentyofopportunityto discover your inner childenjoy and, most of all, have fun!Sharon Newey editorReseneReseneI Do Pearl Lusta WHERE STYLE MEETS DURABILITY AVAILABLE IN The new generation of designer uPVCCOPPER AND spouting and downpipe systems. TITANIUM Heading into the winter months we start hunkering down indoors.to choose, try out the free Resene Colour Palette Generator on Long winter nights means those walls can really start to close inthe Resene websitesimply load your favourite photo and it on you.Its a great time to splash a touch of colour aroundstartwill suggest a colour palette based on the picture. And if youre small and paint a favourite pot or photo frame, then try out alounging around on the couch in a state of indecision perhaps a statement wall. Youll be amazed what a difference you can makecouple of new cushions from the Resene Cushion Collection is all in an afternoon and often for less than the cost of a nice dinneryou need for a quick injection of colour while you contemplate out. Unlike the dinner though, youll get to enjoy your new paintwhat to do with the rest of the room.For more information visit www.marley.co.nz or phone 0800 MARLEY (0800 627 539)job for much longer. *Texts cost 20c. Promotion closes 14 May 2012, terms and conditions apply see www.marley.co.nz for details. Using low-odour fast-drying waterborne paints means you canThe Resene Teampaint your place quickly and easily, without the hassle and odour of traditional enamel paints.If youre not sure which colours 5'