b'step by steptake a dip This easy idea makes it look like your furniture has been dipped in paint. You will need: Paint colours of your choice in ReseneEnamacryl, a hard-wearing waterborne paint thats perfect for furniture. We used Resene Alaska and Resene Limitless on the chair; and Resene Bowie and Resene Elvis, and Resene Float and Resene Relax on the frames. The tongue-and-groove wall is Resene Black Haze.Sandpaper Low tack masking tape (the purple one) Measuring tape Paint brushesStep 1Sandpaper any items that are already painted or varnished to provide a key for the paint. Paint the item in the main colour. Leave to dry. Step 2Measureandmaskofftheareasthatwill have the dip effect using low tack masking tape. Paint the secondary colour to get the dipped effect colour. Make sure you remove the masking tape before the paint dries.stylingPippa Fay, Lisa MortonpicturesTony BrownjohnReseneResene Alaska ElvisReseneResene Limitless BowieReseneResene Black Haze FloatResene Relax30'