b'feature houseGet the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene DownyReseneDownyKitchen cabinets: Get the look with Resene ArmourCat tinted to Resene AlabasterReseneAlabasterGlass bricks:National GlassResene Fire BushA study off theSofa: 1970s classiclounge has walls inby DomoResene Pine Cone. Carpet: Salleeand a backdrop to a colourful collection of furniture and art includingResenethe bright red Swan and Egg chairs and a bright orange glass vesselSmittenby Anne Robinson.Architect: Malcolm In Selmas ensuite, original glass bricks were upgraded with an ItalianTaylor, Xsite Architects, block from National Glass in brilliant orange which adds a gem-likewww.xsite.net.nzglow to the room.Fuchsia pink carpet was specially coloured by Salle downstairs in the media room to complement the classic orange 1970s sofas from Domo, against walls in Resene Pine Cone.ResenePine ConeIntheadjoiningguestroom,SelmapaintedonewallinResene Downy, a soft aqua. I think its a really happy, feel-good colour.ReseneCreating that emotional response is obviously important to Selma.Tory BlueIt was full-on in its day, says Malcolm, but the fact the home hasnt dated says a lot about the common perception that playing safe adds longevity. Baskinginthegloryoffuncolourandtexture,thesespaces encourage a response. You cant help but engage with the home andturn the page for its architecture in a very positive way.alternative looks to wordsVicki Holder the blue bedroompicturesSimon Devitt and Frances Oliver54'