b'top hitsWere not talking music but the Habitat of the Week homes that have attracted the most hits. John & Linleys quirky coromandel beach housewww.habitatoftheweek.com/habitats/quirky-coromandel-beach-houseWhile John and Linleys Coromandel beach house may look sleek and modern these days, in fact it has a long and colourful history that includes being used as a hippie commune, tomato farm, fish hatchery and restaurant. A major renovation was inevitable. Inspired by the styles and colours of Bali, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan as well as the sea views through pohutukawa trees, the couple used fresh greens, (Resene Miso and Resene Hippie Green),Resenesoft cream (Resene Butter) and bold red (Resene Paprika). Miso Simon & Glynns mix of antique In the bathroom Resene Miso works perfectly with the spicy ReseneResene and modern Paprika of the Japanese-style pivot doors. Tying the whole colourNest Egg www.habitatoftheweek.com/habitats/Resene mix-antique-and-modernscheme together is Resene Nest Egg, a neutral earthy colour echoingPaprikathe surrounding bush. Resene Simon and Glynns 1952 brick and tile Hippie Green bungalowwaslookingveryoldand Resene wornoutuntilSimon,aninterior Butter designer,instigatedatotalrenovation. He gave the entire house, outside and in, a new colour scheme, added on and reversed the layout of the house. Theoldhomehasretainedplentyof character, thanks largely to the couples eclecticdecoratingstyle.Thehouse is filled with a mixture of antique and contemporary, wood and stainless steel, leather and marble. Says Simon: If you fill your home with the things you love, then the result will be a true reflection of who you are.We planted a tropical garden, so Resene DoubleNapaisaperfectfoiltothe lushgreenofpalms.AlthoughResene Canterbury Clay is a strong colour, its a lighter contrast with our dark woods, and we like its warmth. 84'