b'did you know.that Metallics are a superb way to add extra sparkleand surprise to your home. Make sure you finish them with a clear finish like Resene Multishield+to protect the metallic surface against generalwear and tear. You can combine a lightly textured Mediterranean effect like Resene Sandtex applied in a criss cross manner then topcoat withResene metallics for an extra special look. See theResene Metallics and special effects colour chartfor colour ideas, available from Resene ColorShops or resellers or order from the Resene website,www.resene.com.ReseneTasmanThe Fords wanted a family home, not an architects home for their three children: Amanda (7), Giselle (5) and Christopher (16 months). It has to be kick-aroundable.With Fleur responsible for the design work, Roger essentially became the client during the renovation process and admits that Fleurs colour choices forced him to make a leap of faith. Says Fleur: I wanted the colours to look a little bit retro, as in pre World War One, but also fresh and modern. The original wallpapers in the house were quite colourful, there was an old Axminster carpet and the verandah was a seafoam colour.Hermoderninterpretationforthecolourpaletteincludestwo transitionalblue/greenswithReseneMetamorphisandResene Neutral Green from the Karen Walker range. Most people wouldnt put those two colours in adjoining roomsone is quite a clear colour while the other is quite muddybut Fleur knew that joinery in crisp Resene Black White would allow enough visual breathing space. And then there is what she calls her disco wallResene Lodestar from the Resene Metallics and special effects range. I wanted a bit of sparkle at night by the dining table. This wall is like a central spine to the house, with the Resene Lodestar used not only on the kitchen and family room side behind the dining table, but also on a feature wall in the main living area. TopA quirky retro look has been given to theFleurs favourite Resene colour is, in fact, Resene Tasman which has laundry with its Resene Metamorphis walls.been used in one of the bedrooms. Its a very moody colour. It can AboveA temporary paint job in Resenebe grey, then green, then a warm blue. Neutral Green brightens one of the childrensFleurschoiceoffurnitureisfairlyneutralforflexibilitybutwith rooms before they can be properly renovated. deliciously patterned fabricsa pair of wingback chairs in a swirly Top rightThe exterior is now smart in a colourbrocade, and a pair of retro chairs in a quirky dotted fabric. scheme of Resene Caraway weatherboards, windows in Resene Black White, and sills andThey stand the test of time as well as the test of three boisterous garage door in Resene Mondo.kids as this work in progress serves its main purpose as a happy, RightA corner of the family room is a functioning family home. handy study nook. The walls are Resene Neutral Green. wordsSharon NeweypicturesMark HeaslipReseneMetamorphis24'