b'1 splits and rotIf your deck has areas of rot, splintering, long cracks, cupping and twisting, you will need to replace any unsightly or unsafe boards. Use a jigsaw or keyhole saw to cut through the decking directly next to the two joists on either end of the bad section. Cut a 50mm x 100mm cleat to fit in the space next to the joist. Start one or two galvanised nails into the cleat before putting it in place, and then attach it flush to the top of the joist.Cut a length of decking to fill the space. Attach it to the cleats with galvanised nails or decking screws. For nails, use a nail punch to put their heads below the surface.Remove any damaged boards by prying up slowly from the end with a pry bar. 2 Replace.Resene2a Smokey Ash34equipment and expertise by Hirepoolwww.hirepool.co.nz83'