b'my favourite colourscolourcomplexityNever one to choose the obvious, fashion designer Karen Walker confides current colour favourites. What do you love most about your role as a designer in the areas of apparel, fine jewellery, eyewearand colour?Playing a part in the way people will live in the future. How would you describe your personal style?Effortless. I try not to labour my look. What is your favourite colour and why?ReseneButtery WhiteOne? Not possible. My top three are dusty blue, navy and creamResene because they always feel fresh but elegant. Periglacial BlueWhat is your favourite decorating colour?Resene Buttery white because I like a clean palette over which to play the rest Celestial Blue of my interior choices. I also love dusty coloursgreys, lilacs, blues and greens usually. Have those choices changed during the years? If so, what influenced that?Being a fashion designer, its my job to create new possibilities with colour. And while there are a handful of colours we use every season, I also like to bring new colours into the work every six months and I think the same way with regard to my interior choices. There are favourites, but Im not afraid to try new things also. What are your three favourite colours from Resenes Karen Walker range, and why?KarenWalkerResenePeriglacialBlue,ReseneButteryWhiteand Resene Beryl Green because they have enough complexity in them to create a perfect background for whatever else Im doing with my interior design. Is there a colour you would never use in yourown home?Never say never in design! What colour advice would you give? I would encourage others to mix dusty worn colours with intense, slightly off colours. I like colours that have a complexity and arent too obvious. Watch out for a new colour range from Karen Walker available ReseneBeryl Green from Resene later this year. 96'