b'diy kidztaking notice Make a cool noticeboardand pen pots! You will need:Resene Rocket testpot Small paint brush Masking tapeNoticeboard (45cm x 60cm size from Warehouse Stationery)Cans or coffee tins Tape measure Ruler and pen Wallpaper (we used Rasch Kids Club 734515 from Resene)PVA glue and wide brush2 metres of 15mm-wide black cotton tape 2 metres of 5mm-wide contrast ribbon Drawing pinsLow-temp glue gun and glue sticks Picture hook and cord (or use dental floss instead of picture cord)Method:Step1 Place masking tape around the insideedgeofthenoticeboardsopaint doesntmarkthecorkandshowthrough later. Paint two coats of Resene Rocket on the timber frame. Step 2 Carefully roll out the wallpaper andmarkoutandcutarectangle measuring41cmx56cm.Cutpiecesfor thecans(measuringupthesideforthe height, and around the can for the length, plus an extra 5mm to overlap). Pour some PVA glue onto a plate and dilute slightly withwater.Brushglueevenlyontothe backofthewallpaperandplaceonto thenoticeboardsmoothingitoutas The finished you go.noticeboard and Step 3Rule a line halfway down the length of the noticeboard, and place a mark pen pots in the middle of the line, and another in the middle of the lower end of the noticeboard. Take the black tape and cut it into two 70cm lengths and one 41cm length. Take one of the long pieces and place it on the board in a V-shape as shown, using the sides and the centre mark as your guide. Trim excess tape.styling and wordsHelena DunnpicturesMark HeaslipReseneRocket Resene 46 Wet N Wild'