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habitat magazine issue 13

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habitat magazine issue 13

A balanced bright colour scheme of dramatic and deep Resene colours

All that glitters...

Artist and colour consultant Angela Pietkiewicz Williams is certainly not afraid to make a bold statement. The property she and husband Shayne Williams recently sold in Eastbourne, Wellington, is resplendent in deep and dramatic hues. It opposes any idea that only pale colours should be used in smaller rooms, and that, in order to sell a property, the decor should remain ‘safe’. With not a neutral wall in sight, the couple had no trouble attracting buyers and Ange puts this down to the balance of colour being exactly right... more

A bathroom with a distinctive tiled feature wall and colourful vanity unit

All white’s not alright

A tip-off from her sister was the starting point for Tracy Towers’ bathroom with its distinctive tiled feature wall and colourful vanity unit, painted Resene Hullabaloo. When Tracy and her family moved into the 1970s suburban home, the configuration of the bathroom was typical of the era – three smaller rooms with the shower and toilet separated out from the main bathroom. The shower room was “so disgusting we only used it once or twice before we renovated”. And her sister’s tip-off? To check out the range of quirky and colourful tiles available at Middle Earth Tiles... more

A perfect home created in an old butcher’s shop

Chop and change

Craig St George found his perfect home in the unlikely guise of an old butcher’s shop. The long walls and three-metre high ceilings were little more than a dark concrete box at first, but once he hired New Plymouth architect Ian Pritchard, between them they wrestled out an award-winning design of clean modern lines and light. Built in the 1930s as a butcher’s shop (complete with sloping floor to hose down muck and blood), the challenges for the 120 square metre space were “…a lot!” Craig smiles at the memory... more

stunning colour combinations that show you don’t have to always play it safe to create a delicious colour scheme

Colour confidence

Take the latest colour palette from Resene, The Range 2011/12, and team it with the popular The Range Whites & Neutrals and what do you get? Some stunning colour combinations that show you don’t have to always play it safe to create a delicious colour scheme. Even the most neutral schemes can include strong splashes of intense accent colours in feature areas or accessories. Colour has become an inseparable part of our lives and the way we view the world... more

House painting is good exercise

Exercise club

Who needs fancy gyms, asks David Bishop of Dunedin. He’s discovered an exercise programme with added benefits – painting. Says David: “My Christmas holidays consist, usually, of spreading large quantities of your product (Resene paint) across various walls around my house. In December I was overweight and not feeling very well after a fairly stressful year at work. A couple of weeks after Christmas I had a healthy tan, felt really fit and had lost 5kg in weight... I have been a member of the Resene Fitness Club for about 20 years now but only realised it quite recently... more

The Apprentice New Zealand programme challenge sponsored by Resene

Facing the colour challenge

When does a potential high-flying business person need to know about interior design? When they are part of The Apprentice New Zealand programme, facing a challenge to renovate waterfront apartments in an episode sponsored by Resene. Split into two teams, Athena and Number 8, two identical apartments were given the makeover treatment in the TV series. Home styling company Homebase also provided the furniture and accessories... more

Award winning coastal garden

Garden gold

Winning the gold award in the residential section as well as the Resene Colour Award of Excellence, Ted Smyth’s solution for a coastal garden includes swathes of grasses, sliced through with a dramatic ‘diving board’. A collaborative relationship developed between Ted and the owners of the property – Ted encouraged them to work with nature by encircling the gardens in natives while the owners chose hot orange flowering exotic plants placed closer to the house... more

Hey Habitat readers views and news

Hey Habitat

Habitat reader views and news... more

Resene Total Colour Awards

In honour of colours

The inaugural Resene Total Colour Awards drew striking entries from a patchwork-style exterior to a restful Kapiti home and Mondrian-inspired kitchen. More than 140 entries were received for the recently announced Resene Total Colour Awards over various categories, including those for commercial and residential. Top honours went to a striking accountant’s office by Paul Leuschke of Leuschke Khan Architects, debunking the myth that accountancy offices are dull and boring. The Resene Total Colour Residential Exterior Award went to Sam Kebbell of KebbellDaish Architects... more

Bright flowers and doors

In the stars

If you are born under the star sign Taurus, chances are you are going to be a colour freak. Taureans have a predeliction towards colour. I was born a Taurus and I can’t help myself. It makes sense, therefore, that the first time I saw the Victorian workers cottage which I was later to buy, I saw it in terms of what could be done with it in colour. The practical repairs were the necessary and expensive part of the restoration, but also the tedious part. Colour was the real deal!... more

This artist uses the ancient art technique of reverse painting on glass

Into the light

Fantasy and reality, dark and light all weave through the lustrous artworks of this Palmerston North artist. It’s an art form used centuries ago on icons and sacral paintings, but artist Philip Liggins uses the technique of reverse painting on glass to great effect today. “Everything is the opposite to traditional painting on canvas. The art is done in layers, from the signature and foreground first, to the background last... more

dramatic red kitchen is an eye-catching centrepiece

Like a fine wine

In a major renovation that opened up a Wellington house to its stunning harbour views, this dramatic red kitchen is an eye-catching centrepiece. Designed by Pauline Stockwell, the kitchen was transformed from its small pokey space to be part of the large open-plan living area. The homeowners love the colour red so Pauline chose Resene Pohutukawa to be used not as a lacquer on the cabinetry, but back-painted onto toughened glass. This gives the kitchen a wonderful luminosity... more

Of water and earth

Self-confessed reality television junkie and business owner Catherine Livingstone was the last woman standing on the recent TV series The Apprentice New Zealand. When I decorate I tend to go for earthy and natural colours. I have a photo wall and collect antiques so I need colours that I can put a lot of different items with and which will match a lot of colours – a nice subdued background... more

New products, places and ideas for the home

Off the shelf

New products, places and ideas for the home... view PDF

Pink walls and candy-striped linen are pretty components of this winning girl's bedroom

Pretty in pink

Pink walls and candy-striped linen are pretty components of this winning room. Mum Elizabeth conceived a whimsical scheme in pink, apple and natural tones with butterfly motifs, hand-embroidered wall art, and a clip light shade to display changing artworks or cut-outs. The walls are painted in Resene Pale Rose, beautifully complemented by a duvet in Gorgi’s Vintage Retro Pink and Lime Stripe... more

How to choose an exterior colour scheme for your home

Ready for a facelift?

When your canvas is literally as big as a house, you want to make sure you get the paint colours right. Resene colour consultant Angela Fell has loads of advice to help you select colours for your home’s exterior that work on a number of levels. Here are some tips and tricks to steer you in the right direction. To find inspiration for a great exterior scheme, look all around you... more

Washing your house will prolong the life of the paintwork

Rub a dub dub

Imagine if you were left to stand on a street corner, gathering road grime, wind-blown dirt, bird poop and mould on your south side without ever having a shower. You’d soon look pretty nasty. It’s often what we expect of our houses. That paint job may look shiny and robust now, but without regular cleaning it will not only look drab but have a shortened life. Having your house washed might seem like something you can defer for another year but failure to treat accumulated mould, grime and salt will shorten the life of paint finishes... more

Make a pretty lampshade in six easy step by step instructions

Step by step – beaded lampshade

Make a pretty lampshade in six easy step by step instructions... more

Here’s how to deal with your gunky gutters in four easy steps

Step by step – gutter buster

Here’s how to deal with your gunky gutters in four easy steps... more

create this handy family noticeboard

Step by step – taking notice

Use three clever Resene products to create this handy family noticeboard. With a tall noticeboard attached to the wall using three Resene specialty paints, the kids can use the blackboard and magnetic board at the bottom, you can all use the magnetic board in the middle and only taller people can use the whiteboard at the top. View step by step instructions... more

This cute shed is a tiny tribute to recycling

The demo shed

Made almost entirely of second-hand materials, this cute shed is a tiny tribute to recycling. With design ideals embedded in iconic rural architecture and a typical can-do number-eight approach to problems, Darren and Sharon Hunter of Hunter Design and Red Shed have ended up with a glorified shed cum sleepout in which the only new products used are the bolts and Resene paint... more

A self-assured Christchurch house

To be so bold

Chris Bracegirdle and Lindsay Robinson’s self-assured Christchurch house is a great example of how best to live. Its fabulousness is the result of acting with urgency, then employing a certain gutsy restraint. Keep reading and you’ll realise there’s no oxymoron here. The home is also a result of trusting the expertise and design skill of talented professionals. The couple may never have driven this way across the Christchurch hills just over a decade ago, had they not swerved from Chris’ plans for the day... more

the Manukau Beautification team

Turning off the taggers

Inspiring the community to take pride in their environment, the Manukau Beautification team has many colourful projects on the go. In summer, it’s not unusual to spot teams of school children with paintbrushes in hand, carefully adding bold flourishes to large murals that enliven fences and walls in public places around Manukau City. Sometimes you see groups tending gardens, even cleaning up footpaths and streets. It’s all part of an initiative by the Manukau City Council to inspire pride in the community... more

Seasonal colour theory and interior decorating

What’s your colour psyche?

Have you ever felt drawn to some colours and repelled by others? Perhaps it’s your colour personality! Do you love being enveloped in warm, earthy tones? Or are soft pastels more your taste? Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the colours in a room but didn’t know why? As stylist Angela Stone of Styleyou says: “People gravitate towards colours that inspire and suit them, so nine times out of 10, they will choose colours out of sheer intuition for their homes.” For years she has used seasonal colour theory to help people determine what clothes to buy, and now your house decor can be matched to your personality season, too... more


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