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Welcome — How would you describe your personal decorating style? It’s a tricky question for many of us.

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We might love the look of very architectural clean-lined interiors... but is that really how we live? Or the bright colours of a fun family friendly space might seem a good idea today... but could you live with that sort of visual energy all year round?

There are many influences to how we choose to decorate our homes – the setting in which we live, the style of our house, our age and stage of life, or even the expectation of those around us. While we are all individuals, often we can strongly identify with a particular style, whether that’s a timeless look or one that is more fashion-driven.

The aim of this book is to help you pin down your style personality. Try our fun quiz, then check out the 13 style personalities we’ve created. You may strongly relate to one personality, or feel at home with two or three of them. Many of them have some common elements, both in terms of colour and detailing. So turn the page, and get started on discovering your style personality. Happy decorating!

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Discover your style

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Discover your style personality

Start the journey

Many of us struggle to decide what decorating style we like and want to live...... more

Discover your style personality

Discover your style personality

Discover your style personality Take our quick quiz to help determine your style personality... more

This personality loves a neutral palette and an often restrained,

Classic chic

This personality loves a neutral palette and an often restrained, tightly composed approach... more

The look is easily relatable to our casual lifestyles.

New nordic

With its misty grey or duck egg blue walls, timber accents, hints of rustic elegance and monochromatic good looks, the New Nordic or Scandi style resonates with homeowners at this end of the world... more

A comfortable and familiar look


A comfortable and familiar look with a sense of order and soothing muted colours under-pins the Traditionalist personality... more

Arty retro - Bold colours and a clean yet quirky mid-century

Arty retro

Bold colours and a clean yet quirky mid-century aesthetic are what appeal to an Arty Retro. With its mix of 1950s... more

Pretty vintage

Vintage nostalgic

Light, fun and cluttery, this look is highly personalised with a whimsical colour palette of soft pastels.... more

Industrial urban This is the masculine flip-side to Pretty Vintage

Industrial urban

This is the masculine flip-side to Vintage Nostalgic. Like that look, it also heavily features found and upcycled pieces but ... more



Shunning excess and fussiness, the Architectural personality likes clean lines and minimalist interiors, and will adhere to the Bauhaus philosophy... more

Country rustic

Country rustic

An ageless, nostalgic look, relaxed and comfortable, the Country Rustic can hark from many lands but the aim is the same.... more

Beach casual

Beach casual

If the smell of the sea and the feel of sand between your toes sends you into raptures, you may be a Beach Casual... more

Global traveller

Global traveller

If surrounding yourself in reminders or inspiration from exotic destinations takes you to your happy place, this may be your style personality type... more

Eco warrior

Eco warrior

With a yearning to tread lightly on the land, the Eco Warrior surrounds themselves in environmentally friendly products and energy efficient technologies... more

Free spirit

Free spirit

Soaring and creative, the Free Spirit personality likes a home that never stops still... more

Free spirit

Luxe lover

With a desire to release their flambuoyant inner self, the Luxe Lover surrounds themselves in bold rich colour, curvaceous forms, stroke-me fabrics, opulent furniture and gleaming accessories... more

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