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habitat magazine issue 05

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habitat magazine issue 05

Kiwi colours

60 years of kiwi colour

Resene colours look great at 60. The first factory produced a basic range of about six colours in Stipplecote, a cement-based paint. Today, with two Wellington-based factories, a string of Resene ColorShops throughout Australasia and the Resene Total Colour System, the palette on offer is almost endless... more

Tropical garden

A touch of the tropics

A family visit to Queensland provided the inspiration for Jo and Craig Howe's garden and pool, on their lifestyle block an hour's drive south of Auckland. Their brief to the landscape designer was unequivocal. "We wanted a low-maintenance garden, a pool with a waterfall, a spa and barbeque area"... more

Bedroom makeover

Beginner's guide to one bedroom four looks

The bedroom is a very personal space. It's a place of rest, relaxation and romance, and a room that probably reveals more about who we are as individuals than any other room in the house... more

Painting guide

Beginner's guide to the perfect day for painting

The brushes are bought, the roller lies in wait in its tray, and the paint tins are just tempting you to lift the lids and unleash the colour inside... but first, take a look at the weather. Just what makes the ideal painting day? It's important to get it right... more

Allison Roe

Breathing it all in - Allison Roe

Breaking a world record in the New York City marathon is nothing next to the challenge Allison has set herself now. Takapuna Beach on Auckland's North Shore is a world away from where Allison won the Boston and New York marathons, but it's where she's preparing for a whole new campaign... more

Choosing and using a builder

Choosing and using a builder

When you're planning a small home renovation, finding a reputable, reliable builder who does quality work, is available and who doesn't charge the earth can seem a daunting task... more

Classically clean

Classically clean

When Fiona Abbott and Ross Parker bought their converted hall in 1999, the Wellington coastal suburb of Petone was just starting to come into its own, with city folk snapping up the turn-of-the-century houses, and delis and cafes following. While the bones of the place were fantastic the bathroom needed some attention... more

Colour personalities

Colour personalities

Ok, so I like golds and other strong colours - what does that say about me? I am tasteful, gracious and sensitive. I'm critical and difficult to please. I don't place much hope in dreams... more

Cooking up colour

Cooking up colour

It's been a while since Chris Pemberton was a professional chef - 16 years in fact - but she hasn't lost her old work habits. So, when she briefed designer Sandra Grummitt for the kitchen in her very contemporary new home, she knew exactly what would work for her and her teenage son... more


DIY Kidz (Habitat No. 5)

Window decorations project to keep little hands busy... more

Doing it - Lights, helicopter, action

Doing it - Lights, helicopter, action...

Event management is a little like interior design, only with much shorter lead-in times and far less permanence, according to Orange Productions company founder Stu Robertson. And on a slightly larger scale. The average interior designer, for example, wouldn't be expected to kit-out and then pack down six to 10 spaces in seven days... more

The best furniture

Furnishing family history - Martin Bell

Rose & Heather director Martin Bell reckons the best furniture is the kind that has a story attached to it. "Good furniture lives in a family's home for years and each piece ends up with its own special history that's tied in with all the memories"... more

Going green - Low impact design

Going green - Low impact design: creating a habitat

Low impact design (LID) is a phrase you'll increasingly hear mentioned. In broad terms, it means bringing nature into an urban environment. LID is a philosophy that reflects a shift in thinking. Instead of fitting land to suit a development, an LID approach fits the development to suit what the land can tolerate... more

Painfree paperwork

Hard truth - Painfree paperwork

You could say a council is to a renovation what a dentist is to a great smile - a necessary evil. However, by being organised and knowing exactly what your rights and obligations are, it needn't feel like pulling teeth... more

Hey Habitat

Hey Habitat (Habitat No. 5)

Habitat answers reader questions about decorating... more

Off the shelf

Off the shelf

Innovative products new to market... view PDF

Responsible renovating - Step up Most of us need to use

Responsible renovating - Step up

Most of us need to use a ladder at some time or another, whether to wash a window, trim an overhanging tree, or simply to clean the gutters. However, taking on even a simple chore on a ladder can result in serious injury, unless you adopt a few commonsense safety procedures... more

Settler meets modern

Settler meets modern

When homeowners are developing the brief for their ultimate home, they usually expect to take some time over the process. However, they don't usually have the luxury of 22 years to contemplate their section and make their plans. Dunedin nurse Helen and academic John did just that... more


Something old something new

A dilapidated villa sharing a section with a disused boot factory might not sound like your average dream home, but Andrew Wilson had an idea that it could be... more

Cleaning the barbeque

Step-by-step - Cleaning the barbeque

Learn how to clean the barbecue in seven easy steps... more

Making mosaics

Step-by-step - Making mosaics

Learn how to make a mosaicked ball in eight easy steps... more



Find out what new products have recently been launched into the decorating market... view PDF


The material world

Walk into any good textile showroom and it's like wandering into Aladdin's cave; a rich and varied treasure trove of colours, textures and shapes. Talk to those in the game, and colour-wise they're seeing more vibrancy mixed with neutrals in the next seasonal releases... more


Tips and tricks - things you didn't know you didn't know about your tools

A quick intro and delving into some interesting facts and trivia of some of the most common tools that you'll find in the average toolbox... more


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habitat is printed on environmentally responsible paper using environmentally responsible ink.

From issue 8 onwards, copies flow wrapped and sent to Resene Cardholders are flow wrapped in environmentally responsible material from epi-global. This product when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen will biodegrade decomposing into simple materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D6954-04.


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