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Welcome — There’s a reason why various ‘white’ and neutral paint colours top the list of most popular Resene colours each year. They’re just so versatile.

While Resene is well-known for its daring fashion colour fandecks, the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection is the one that home decorators turn to again and again to create a baseline palette for their homes. There are 28 palette cards with 12 colours on each. Often, those colours are from the same colour 'family', and are variants of one colour. This makes it easier to build a colour scheme... more

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Whites and neutrals

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The Whites & Neutrals Collection

The Whites & Neutrals collection

The Resene Whites & Neutrals collection is one of the most popular and comprehensive collections of all of those you will find at your local Resene ColorShop. Arranged over 28 handy palette cards, it showcases more than 330 colours from bright whites, through calming neutrals to moody darks... more

The right white

The right white

Alabaster, chalk, ivory, cream… which is which? There are so many wonderful Resene whites to choose from. All whites are not created equal… and that’s particularly true with paint colour. When you’re decorating, you’ll discover a wealth of ‘whites’, with varying touches of yellow, green, brown or grey... more

Mid Toned Neutrals

Mid-toned neutrals

Next to white, soft mid-toned neutrals are the most popular wall colours. Ranging from creamy beige, through stony taupe to misty greys, these colours are easy to live with and hugely appealing. They are colours that we often see in nature. Simply put, we’re used to them, and they resonate with our basic instinct to be anchored to the earth.... more

Going dark

Many of us think of neutral as whites or pale colours but very dark colours are can also be neutral. The classic example is, of course, black. These examples, mostly from the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection, highlight the different types of dark neutrals and their effects... more

Tonal colour schemes

Tonal colour schemes

Tonal or monochromatic colour schemes make great use of whites and neutrals. These schemes are where one colour is used in varying strengths for a harmonious look. This is an almost-foolproof way of developing a scheme... more

Adding texture, gloss and pattern

Adding texture gloss and pattern

To really come alive, neutral and tonal colour schemes need texture and variations in gloss levels. This can be from very subtle (a soft linen curtain) to more dramatic (a lambs wool cushion or chunky knit throw). It can involve glossy surfaces like glass-topped tables, high-gloss finished furniture or glass vases.... more

Colour is not equal, unchanging or well behaved.

Which direction?

Colour is not equal, unchanging and well behaved. This is why colour seen in different rooms responds to the axis of light and why that colour looks totally divine in some rooms… and horrible in others... more

How light affects colour

How light affects colour

You’ve been to your local Resene ColorShop and chosen the perfect soft white for your living room. You get home, turn on the lights and… that white paint chip now looks dingy. What happened? It’s all about the lights. How colours appear can depend on the type of artificial light you have... more

Using accent colours

Using accents

Very few of us want to live in all-white interiors. You might love your white walls and kitchen cabinetry, and have a delicious white leather sofa, but by adding other accent colours, you can turn boring into awesome.... more

On the outside

White and other pale neutrals are often a go-to choice for the outside of a house. They’re easy on the eye and sit happily in both urban and more natural situations. There’s even a colour called Resene House White which many painters of long-standing will tell you is the perfect greyedged white for exterior use... more

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